School Cancels Football Game After Cheerleading Squad Promoted Trump Flag — Cited Safety Concerns!

School Cancels Football Game After Cheerleading Squad Promoted Trump Flag — Cited Safety Concerns!
If they canceled for safety concerns due to holding a Trump sign, guess that tells you just how dangerous liberals are, that is where the threat comes from.

So they can kneel, but they can’t make a political statement with a banner?

On Friday, Stanly County Schools announced they were suddenly canceling that night’s football game over concerns about students’ safety.

“SCS has been notified of additional information that could compromise safety measures in place for sporting events,” officials posted on Twitter. “Upon receiving information, the NSHS football game scheduled for 9/20/19 is canceled. Safety is our first concern.”

While I agree it was an inappropriate action and merits a response, I think canceling the game is a ridiculous overreaction. Demonstrate how to grow a thicker skin than that! What did they call it in kindergarten? Oh yeah, sticks and stones?

Earlier This Week: NC Cheerleading Squad Placed on Probation for Posing With Trump 2020 Banner

So wait. Schools should not be promoting a political agenda, so it’s the height of hypocrisy for the cheerleaders to be suspended while schools all over the country released students so they could attend the so-called “climate strike.”

One of Saul Alinsky’s eight rules for a socialist takeover of society was; 6) Education – Take control of what people read and listen to; take control of what children learn in school. I bet if this had been a banner for Bernie, the school officials would have reacted differently. (I know that’s speculation.)

A week after authorities placed a North Carolina high school cheerleading squad on probation for displaying a pro-Trump banner before a football game, school officials abruptly canceled the school’s Friday night game due to safety concerns.

On Monday, the cheerleading team at North Stanly High School, about 50 miles east of Charlotte, was put on probation by the North Carolina High School Athletic Association after an investigation determined that the squad had violated school policy by posing with a “Trump 2020: Make America Great Again” banner prior to a game on Aug. 30, according to Asheville ABC affiliate WLOS.

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Hundreds of people on a Facebook page supporting the cheerleaders said they would be coming to Friday’s game to wave American flags in support of the cheerleaders, reported Charlotte ABC affiliate WSOC. [ABC News]

Let’s be clear about who they were specifically afraid of causing trouble at the game, and it wasn’t the Trump flag or cheerleader supporters.

Schools used to be a place of learning. Kids were taught to be free thinkers. Read the history and factual news and draw their conclusions. Schools, it seems, have turned into places of indoctrination with most of what they are teaching based on news media and what’s read on social media and that being biased toward the left.

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It’s not called “social” media for nothing. I hope these cheerleaders stick to their guns. Maybe the school authorities will cancel all the sports, disappointing the kids and showing them that their thoughts and opinions in this world don’t matter. See the totalitarian Commies for what they are.

Let’s experiment. When they reschedule the game, bring up Kamala Harris banner and see what they will do.

The school “policy” is unconstitutional and will allow the cheerleaders, their parents, and anyone else with standing to sue the School District in Federal Court.

42 U.S.C. 1983 identifies the school policy explicitly as a violation subject to a lawsuit (a policy made under the color of law that violates a Constitutional Right – namely the First Amendment’s protection of Free Speech). Every school official who formulated the policy, as well as those that imposed the punishments, need to be immediately fired and barred from working in academia.

The socialists very cleverly took control of public education starting about 50 years ago and you can’t ‘un-ring a bell.’ It’s a problem I’m afraid we’ll never be able to reverse. If you think I’m wrong about that, I hope you’re right.

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