LOL: Twitter Goes Wild After Trump Calls For An Investigation Into The Obamas

LOL: Twitter Goes Wild After Trump Calls For An Investigation Into The Obamas
We've collected some of the best Twitter reactions to President Trump's call for an investigation into the Obamas

President Trump caused quite a stir on social media when he suggested that the House Judiciary Committee stop with the obsessive “Trump investigations,” and instead do something more worthwhile, like investigate Obama’s book deal and his Netflix business.

Ha ha ha! Trump sure knows how to trigger the left!

It’s funny, but President Trump is right. Obama walked into office a well-off man, and left a zillionaire, yet he owns no business and hasn’t created a single private sector job.

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How does that happen?

I guess we could ask the Clintons, since the same miraculous financial windfall blessed them as well.

President Trump is clearly, and understandably frustrated with the non-stop, pointless investigations from the left, and he’s not alone, the American people are pretty sick and tired of it as well.

Has the left ever really cared about “real issues?” I can’t remember when this political party was serious about anything, other than illegal aliens, and 654 genders.

Liberals were frothing at the mouth over President Trump’s tweet – something that likely happens every day to these unhinged kooks – but it’s always fun to watch the meltdown. We’ve gathered some of the kookiest liberal tweets for you to enjoy.

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It always amuses me when idiot liberals say Trump is going to prison. For what, First Degree Mean Tweeting? These people are clueless.

Trump is a billionaire, and President of the United States, he’s beaten the Deep State, Democrats, and the entire fake media, and his wife is a gorgeous former model…what the hell does he have to be “envious” about, lady?

Get real.

Obama is so loved and admired, that every single major candidate he endorsed in 2018, lost – and since when is a nervous stutter deemed ‘eloquent’?

if, if, if, if, if, if, if, if, if, if, if, if, if

Correction, Mr. Potty Mouth, the majority of Americans voted for Trump. Sorry, illegal aliens don’t count.

There’s so much incorrect info in this tweet, I don’t even know where to start!

$100 bucks says this guy was wearing a tinfoil hat when he wrote this tweet.

I guess this guy never read “Art of the Deal,” or watched “The Apprentice.”

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