Twitter Experts Rain on Whistleblowers Parade With Analysis of ‘Nothing-Burger’ Complaint

Twitter Experts Rain on Whistleblowers Parade With Analysis of ‘Nothing-Burger’ Complaint
This is Russia Witch-Hunt Part II, and has been carefully designed to happen now, in order to carry through until 2020, so Dems can make it seem as if Trump is "yet again" working with foreigners to "rig the election."

What’s happening now is almost a carbon-copy of the phony Russia Hoax.

It’s Russia Witch-Hunt Part II, and has been carefully designed to happen now, in order to carry through until 2020, so Dems can make it seem as if Trump is “yet again” working with foreigners to “rig the election.”

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It’s all so  predictable and tiresome, but here we go again…

The (fake) whistleblowers complaint was made public today, and it fell wildly flat. But let me explain…

The reality of the situation – meaning facts and truth – is that this so-called “complaint” is an absolute nothing-burger. It borders on “fan fiction,” and TDS fantasy porn. Basically, it’s the intro letter for a Fusion GPS dossier.

However, as with everything the Dems do, it has spin potential, so the Dems will use it to feed the anti-Trump media, and drag out an impeachment investigation, to make it *appear* as though Trump is this evil doer, who is destroying the country with his sneaky foreign meddling plots.

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It’s all a bunch of fake news garbage, but it will be splashed on your TV’s and at newsstands across the country until the last vote is cast in November.

This is such a political “hit job,” that Adam Schiff has had this “complain” since August.

Twitter experts took to their smart devices to discuss and analyze the Whistleblower complaint, and the resounding consensus is: Total nothing-burger.

President Trump was among the first to step up and start fighting!

Others commented on the actual complaint, comparing it to the debunked dossier.

“Same shtick as Dosssier/Mueller Investigation.”

“The whistleblower that wasn’t complaint. No surprises, nothing unusual, and a whole lot of delusional opinions from more than one person, including legal advisers. Obviously written by political hacks.”

“SCOOP: The whistleblower complaint did not include the full transcript, and referenced several mainstream media articles as ‘evidence’”

“From a friend: “That’s a letter to Congress. How is it a whistle blower complaint? How did the IGIC get it? From Schiff? If Schiff had it all along, why did he threaten to subpoena it?”

“Whistleblower: “I was not a direct witness to most of the events described.”


Democrats have lost their minds.”

“Anyone watching this and not knowing better would believe Trump actually SAID those things.

He didn’t!

I can’t believe what I am watching!

Schiff just presented a FANTASY as a FACT.”

After 3 years of relentless pursuit of @realDonaldTrump@RepAdamSchiff (not various Democratic candidates for @POTUS) will become “face” of his party. I think he’s going to drag Dems into a swamp of recrimination & hyperbole. If economy stays strong & peace prevails, Trump wins.”

“The complaint doesn’t have the transcript or first-hand knowledge and relies on White House officials who didn’t see the transcript and media reports.

It does state specifically he was pressuring for the 2020 election, which the transcript doesn’t support unless you want it to.”

“This isn’t a whistleblower”

“THAT’S the whistleblower complaint?????

THAT’S it?



How big of a campaign finance violation was it when Obama asked Putin for space.

This shit is getting so tedious, I’m bored…”

“Just went through “whistleblower” complaint. Quick reaction:

1) This person is not a whistleblower. It’s some1 trying to STOP full investigation into Trump-Russia hoax.

2) Transcript of Trump-Zelensky call fully debunks several allegations in complaint.”

“Nunes is right: this “whistleblower” complaint is no different than the FAKE Russia investigation.


The people on the call said it was a nothingburger.

What’s left?”

“Opening statement here is?: “I want to congratulate the Democrats on the rollout of their latest information warfare operation against the President, and their extraordinary ability once again to enlist the mainstream media in their campaign.”

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