Opinion: Ann Coulter Defends Trump and Exposes ‘Hidden Reason’ Behind Dems Impeachment Farce

Opinion: Ann Coulter Defends Trump and Exposes ‘Hidden Reason’ Behind Dems Impeachment Farce
As the Dems try and destroy our America First President, our fight must be an "all hands on deck," approach, so we're thrilled to see Ann come out and back up President Trump during this impeachment farce.

There’s been a lot of back-n-forth and negativity between Ann Coulter and President Trump.

But as the Dems try and destroy our America First President, our fight must be an “all hands on deck,” approach, so we’re thrilled to see Ann come out and back up President Trump during this impeachment farce.

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Coulter begins the article by telling us that we will actually be thanking the Dems for starting this whole mess in the first place. Think of this Ukraine fiasco as the piece of a much, much bigger puzzle. But without this particular piece, we may have never finished the puzzle.

What the phone transcripts demonstrate is that — unlike the typical Republican — Trump is not a let-bygones-be-bygones sort. He intends to find out who turned the FBI into a Hillary super PAC, using the powers of the nation’s “premiere law enforcement agency” (according to them) to take out a presidential candidate, and then a president.

The whole picture becomes clear when you have the timeline.

Instead of the FBI just admitting that it launched the Russia probe to help elect Hillary, the agency has given us a scrolling series of excuses for this partisan attack.

The FBI’s first claim was that it was merely investigating the hack of the Democratic National Committee’s email servers. As part of that effort, it was, naturally, obligated to spy on the Trump campaign.

Then we found out that the John le Carre theory of Hillary’s defeat was based exclusively on the word of a single cybersecurity firm. Yes, the FBI was SO frantic about the DNC’s servers … that it didn’t bother examining them itself. I repeat: The FBI never touched the DNC’s servers.

And who did? CrowdStrike. Who was CrowdStrike? A Ukrainian-backed cybersecurity firm. That’s why Trump asked the Ukrainian president about CrowdStrike –- the company behind the first of the FBI’s many excuses for spying on Trump.

On Jan. 10, 2017 — before Trump was even inaugurated — FBI Director James Comey breathed new life into the Russian collusion story by leaking news about the infamous Russian “dossier.” [Ann Coulter]

Coulter goes on to explain that the FBI and other intel agencies had to explain to the American people why they had 100 agents assigned to this “Russia probe” and spent millions of tax dollars investigating, so they pointed their finger at do-nothing random Trump campaign person George Papadopoulos, and claimed that the investigation was built around him because he told the Australians that the Russians had Hillary’s emails.

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Well, the problem with that, is that everyone was speculating that the Russians had Hillary’s emails – Papadopoulos  did not have any “special or secret” info. He was speculating, like everyone else.

But this was the “cover story” that the FBI used to start the entire Russia probe.

At this point, the FBI had to scramble to come up with an all-new explanation for why the bureau had put more than 100 agents — according to NBC News’ Ken Dilanian –- on an investigation of a presidential candidate. (Luckily, the bureau had lots of time, having already vanquished international terrorism.)

Within a matter of days, on Oct. 30, the media was bristling with the news that the real reason the FBI put G-Men on the Trump campaign was: George Papadopoulos.

(Don’t stop reading! The sun is about come out and all will be clear.)

Up until Oct. 24, the media had barely mentioned the young campaign aide. But starting on Oct. 30, Papadopoulos became the lynchpin of the whole Trump-Russia conspiracy.

It was a heavy lift. Papadopoulos had only met Trump once and, as The New York Times admitted, was “so green that he listed Model United Nations in his qualifications.”

A few months later, in December 2017, the Russian collusion fairy tale took a hit when texts from Peter Strzok and Lisa Page showed FBI operatives at the heart of the so-called “investigation” vowing to use federal law enforcement resources to “stop” Trump.

The FBI began frantically pumping up the Papadopoulos angle, telling the Times that it was their gob-smacking discovery in the summer of 2016 that Papadopoulos may have had “inside information” about Russia “hacking” the DNC’s email that was a “driving factor” in the bureau’s opening of the Russia-Trump investigation.

So THAT’S why the nation’s No. 1 law enforcement agency had 100 agents investigating the Trump campaign! It sure took them a long time to come up with a reason. [Ann Coulter]

It’s all smoke and mirrors. Most of us already know this, but what’s happening now with Ukraine, is starting to leak details out that prove it. It’s like a house of cards that’s about to fall, but The Dems have no choice, they are rolling the dice right now, hoping this Ukraine thing pays off.

(It won’t)

According to Coulter, Trump’s call with Australian PM released this week, suggests that we will now discover that the “Papadopoulos” story was indeed a cover for the bigger conspiracy…

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That the U.S. intel tried like hell to overthrow a U.S. election.

So, the Dems are now scrambling to create a massive scandal that will drown out any “revelations” that come out, as more of the puzzle pieces click into place. However, this scandal, is also helping to connect other dots along the way.

Bottom line…the Dems are screwed.

Pending results from Trump’s phone call with the Australian prime minister, Papadopoulos remains the FBI’s current excuse for an “investigation” that wasted four years, millions of dollars and, in the end, turned up nada.

The story was, in the summer of 2016, Australian high commissioner to the United Kingdom Alexander Downer contacted the FBI claiming that Papadopoulos had admitted to him during a night of drinking that he knew the Russians had Hillary’s emails. Two months later, Wikileaks began posting the DNC’s emails!


I can explain it.

When Papadopoulos was blabbing to the Australian about the Russians having Hillary’s emails, everyone was talking about the Russians having Hillary’s emails — CNN, The Guardian, even ABC’s “The View.” (See Resistance Is Futile!: How the Trump-Hating Left Lost Its Collective Mind .) Papadopoulos’ “source” probably read it in The New York Times.

Perhaps Downer is always completely oblivious to international news. Perhaps he spends too much time drinking with 28-year-olds.

Trump’s phone call with the prime minister of Australia, released this week, suggests that we just might get to the bottom of the big Alexander Downer tipoff — the FBI’s latest cover story.

Now you know why all of official Washington, D.C., is screaming: IMPEACH ! They don’t want you to find out that America’s “premiere law enforcement agency” tried to throw a presidential election and destroy a presidency. [Ann Coulter]

Let us know what you think about Ann’s theory in the comments below.

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