Obama Just Endorsed ‘Racist and Sexist’ Justin Trudeau, But Still Won’t Endorse His VP Joe Biden LOL

Obama Just Endorsed ‘Racist and Sexist’ Justin Trudeau, But Still Won’t Endorse His VP Joe Biden LOL
Today, former President Barack Obama meddled in Canada's election by offering up a very unusual endorsement of a foreign leader.

On Wednesday, former President Barack Obama meddled in Canada’s election by offering up a very unusual endorsement of a foreign leader.

Obama tweeted that “the world needs” the “progressive leadership” of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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Obama’s endorsement comes at a pivotal time; as Trudeau is struggling badly. He is dealing with a series of resurfaced “blackface” photos from his youth, an ethics scandal, and a rumored sex scandal that he reportedly “paid off” via an NDA agreement.

Sources are telling The Buffalo Chronicle that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau‘s accuser has been in talks with a private attorney for more than a week, discussing a heated sexual relationship that began and ended more than 18 years ago, when the young woman was a student at Vancouver’s prestigious West Point Grey Academy.  The Chronicle is told that the two engaged in a months-long affair beginning in the summer of 2000, both on and off-campus.

That non-disclosure and an accompanying non-disparagement agreement were signed last night, according to the source, for more than $2.25 million CDN.

A friend of the accusor’s family reached out to The Chronicle days ago, prior to the signing of the non-disclosure agreement, when its terms were not in effect and still being negotiated.  Those talks took nearly two weeks and took place almost entirely in Vancouver.

By Saturday evening, Trudeau’s negotiator became impatient, giving the young woman a deadline of 10pm on Wednesday evening to either agree to or reject the terms of the NDA.  The Chronicle became familiar with the situation shortly after Trudeau’s negotiator made that threat. [Buffalo Chronicle]

The very progressive Trudeau has lost his luster with the Canadian people, and as a result, the PM race is virtually tied, just as Canada gears up for the big Monday vote.

And now, here comes the “white knight” Obama to save the day with his coveted endorsement for the leader he so “proudly” worked with.

But that got me thinking…

Obama is willing to help a foreign leader win an election, but he won’t help his own vice president win the primary by giving him an endorsement, even as Biden’s campaign sinks into the bowels of political oblivion?

Ha ha ha, WOW! What a great “BFF” Obama turned out to be. 

Biden must be worse than we all thought!

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Former U.S. President Barack Obama endorsed Justin Trudeau in his re-election bid, with polls showing the Canadian prime minister locked in a tight race with his Conservative rival.

“I was proud to work with Justin Trudeau as President. He’s a hard-working, effective leader who takes on big issues like climate change,” Obama tweeted on Wednesday. “The world needs his progressive leadership now, and I hope our neighbors to the north support him for another term.”

Trudeau is seeking a second term for his Liberal government in Monday’s election. Most opinion surveys show the Liberals tied with the opposition Conservatives, led by Andrew Scheer, though one pollster says Trudeau has an inside track to win more seats. The election appears set to produce a minority parliament, meaning that either Trudeau or Scheer will need support from lawmakers in smaller parties to pass laws.

Obama found common cause with Trudeau on climate change before leaving office. He welcomed the Canadian leader to the White House for a state visit in March 2016. [Bloomberg]


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