Kanye West Mocks Obama Supporters — “I Ain’t Never Made A Decision Only Based Off My Color”

Kanye West Mocks Obama Supporters — “I Ain’t Never Made A Decision Only Based Off My Color”
If you asked Black voters why they voted for Barack Obama, nine times out of ten, the answer you would have received is "because he's black, and we have to support him."

On Sunday, I listened to Kanye blast those for voting for candidates based on race, and it’s something that I totally agreed with, but in watching and reading many right-leaning websites today, they missed the entire point that Kanye was making for a quick dig at Democrats while finding a way to associated Kanye’s comments with Trump support.

Kanye West doesn’t know anything about Pres. Trump, but the one thing that he knows, he likes Trump because people say he’s not supposed to.

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Nobody should be elected on skin color because that’s not the way to run a country. I didn’t vote for Barack Obama back in 2007 or 2012 because I didn’t know him or what he stood for, and I didn’t like how the media was using him for racist innuendos against those that had questions about what he stood for. I initially supported Hillary Clinton until I left the party and started researching for truth. Kanye and wife Kim Kardashian supported Hillary Clinton also and probably would have supported Obama until the “Chosen One” called Kanye a “jackass” during an interview.

Kanye along with blasting those voting on skin color once again destroyed the myth of racist politicians of the Democratic party who had allegedly become Republicans after the Civil Rights Movement as a lie. Those people retired and disappeared from public view. This is something black conservatives have been speaking about for years in an attempt to enlighten voters about their political heritage.

How did I come up with my angle on Kanye’s speech? Think about the Obama supporters, precisely black voters. If you asked them why they voted for Barack Obama, nine times out of ten, the answer you would have received is “because he’s black, and we have to support him.” There’s no doubt that Kanye’s words have alienated him with black voters but once again for the conservative movement to use this as a flag to say ‘hey if Kanye said this, he supports Trump and so should you,” is the wrong tactic.

This information has been out there for years and while it has informed many black voters, the exodus to join the Republican party has been slow because they don’t see a reason to, and that’s because of messaging.

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The message should be, Republicans have always believed in self-reliance and determination, and they don’t believe in pandering or promising the golden calf for votes. They believe that hard work yields rewards and prosperity. I can’t say there aren’t racist Republicans, some people are in any party or group, but racism has never been part of the Republican platform. The Democrats cannot say the same, and now try to convince minorities that their hard work is pointless, so they should accept and demand government handouts.

Start showing how successful individuals can be under the conservative banner but don’t think everyone is going to jump ship or run to your banner. Life is not perfect. You embrace those that come and pray for those who do not.

Conservatives used to prominently tell you that they could care less about celebrity endorsements, but that was the old guard. The new kids on the block annex celebrities who choose to claim they aren’t Democrats and without asking, pull those individuals into the movement, not knowing if they are indeed with them or not.

Sometimes it blows up in the face of conservatives. An example was when Kanye said that he had been lied too and was walking away from politics. Some conservatives saw that as a slap in the face and mistreated Kanye. I never had any political expectations from the music artist, so it didn’t hurt me like it did others, but that’s my point.

Celebrities, whether on the left or right, have their agendas. Sure they can use their first amendment rights, but they are not tuned into politics like you are to be informed to make serious decisions. They speak from a podium of privilege, and without it, they are just another American voter. They have money to fix things, and they don’t.

Voting decisions should be made on “common sense.” That should be the message.


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