Louis Vuitton Creative Director Insults Trump, Refuses ‘This Association’

Louis Vuitton Creative Director Insults Trump, Refuses ‘This Association’
As the president in Texas demonstrated so clearly last week during a manufacturing stop and a huge rally, this is about jobs and America's success

By David Kamioner | October 22, 2019

In a definitely unfashionable Instagram post over the weekend, creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere of the Louis Vuitton company insulted President Donald Trump after the commander-in-chief visited the Texas locale of Vuitton’s new workshop in Alvarado, as Fox News reported.

“Standing against any political action,” the man wrote on his account.

“I am a fashion designer refusing this association,” he added.

The post adds that the president “is a joke” — and implies that Trump is “homophobic.”

See the full post below.


It also contains an inexplicable graphic of the cover of the 1984 album “High Energy” by Evelyn Thomas.

In a timid gesture subsequent to the online attack on the president, Ghesquiere disabled comments on the post.

It seems his rhetorical soufflé failed to rise to the occasion.

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The online missive stands in deep contrast to President Trump’s rambunctious overflow rally in Dallas, Texas, last Thursday night. At the event — the venue held some 20,000 people inside, with many more thousands amassed outside — everyday Americans enthusiastically rallied for the president and expressed gratitude for the new jobs this economy has brought to the state.

To say they showed confidence in the leadership of the president would be a gross understatement.

Yet back to the protestations of the Vuitton creative director: His “joke” comment is a lazy insult, as it has no depth.

The homophobic dig at the president is ridiculous; among other things, he fought for the confirmation, which was being held up by Democrats, of Richard Grenell to be U.S. ambassador to Germany. Ambassador Grenell is a gay man and a supporter of the president. Just as with the claims that Trump is “racist” and “sexist,” this one cannot stand up to scrutiny because there are no facts or public statements to back it up — only another unsupported canard directed at Trump from someone with a scant appreciation of the record.

Industry forecasters give the facility a good likelihood for a bright future.

At the event itself, Louis Vuitton parent company CEO Bernard Arnault, his son Alexandre Arnault, and Vuitton CEO and Chairman Michael Burke stressed it was not a political event.

Arnault even commented that “it was a great honor” to have Trump visit — and Burke added that the reception was “about jobs, not a political statement.”

The opening of the Alvarado workshop is part of the Trump administration’s “Pledge to America’s Workers” initiative and will bring 1,000 new jobs to the area.

Since the United States is the world’s most lucrative market for Louis Vuitton and its associated brands, with the U.S. comprising 25 percent of the firm’s total business at over $10 billion a year — industry forecasters give the facility a good likelihood for a bright future.

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This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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