Report: Change is Happening in Seattle, as Hundreds of Businesses Back Fiscal Conservative Politician

Report: Change is Happening in Seattle, as Hundreds of Businesses Back Fiscal Conservative Politician
The good people of Seattle are now fighting back, and they're backing a new fiscally conservative leader, who they hope can bring their dying city back to life.

When you think of Seattle you think of fresh fish markets, Space Needle, and “Fraiser.”

Unfortunately you also think of high taxes, drug abuse, homelessness, and failing businesses.

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Seattle, once a lovely thriving city, has suffered the same fate as most big liberal cities do…City streets coated in human feces and hypodermic needles, homeless epidemics, failing businesses, and drug abuse.

But the good people of Seattle are now fighting back, and they’re backing a new fiscally conservative leader, who they hope can bring their dying city back to life.

A coalition of over 100 small and independent Seattle businesses and business people have banned together to say “HELL NO” to a second term for uber progressive City Council-member Lisa Herbold.

Councilmember Lisa Herbold has represented the area for the past four years. She has cast controversial votes, such as higher taxes on small businesses to fund the homeless.

(Which is probably why Seattle has a massive homeless problem.)

The group of businesses  — which includes everything from Ala Mode Pies and Indigo Real Estate to Mission Cantina and Zippy Dogs — have come out strong in support of a fiscal conservative businessman and public defender Phil Tavel.

Challenger Phil Tavel is a former public defender, video game executive and high school physics teacher. He says that he has his finger on the pulse of West Seattle in a way that Herbold does not. Tavel takes a more conservative approach to politics and funding than his opponent, aiming to reduce spending in some areas in order to boost support for services to benefit homeless people and other marginalized groups

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Phil says that he’s “socially liberal,” and believes in people having that freedom to make their choices, “but I’m a little more fiscally responsible and conservative,” Phil explains. “Even though I’m a public defender, I really want the police force to work properly for everybody,” he stated.

“As small independent owners it’s never easy to come out and get involved in politics because of possible blow back. But a lot of us at this point feel that we don’t have a choice but to speak up. We’re not being represented by our council here,” he said. “And it’s not Amazon not being represented by the council or Boeing not being represented — it is the local businesses, and the owners live in the neighborhood. We’re not just businesses, we’re neighbors, We support the community.”

“We just got to a point where we’ve realized that Lisa Herbold does not listen to us. She hasn’t really been engaged with us,” he added.

Austin says that one of the issues that drew even further supporters to the coalition of businesses against Herbold was her recent attack against Tavel on business license dissolution, which Austin says were done in the standard way, and displayed that Herbold lacks a basic understanding of how businesses in Seattle operate.

As for what this activism will look like, Austin hopes to leverage the numerous businesses in support of Tavel, as well as the thousands of customers they come in contact with on a regular basis.

“Just with the list of restaurants in there, we have contact with roughly 15,000 visitors between all of our restaurants — more than that with all the retailers put together — a week,” he said. “Many of us are going to start actively advocating inside with signage or possibly when you get your check, just a little note saying that this business supports change on the council.”

“Our goal is to try to reach out and to let people know that just because Tavel has been supported by big business doesn’t mean that he is owned by big business. He has been supportive and listening to us for years. As a former business owner he understands the struggle better than anyone on that council.”

For Austin and the over 100 businesses owners, the general feeling is that the voice of the small business community does not have a seat at the table, meaning that legislation which directly impacts them is often written without their input at all. [MyNorthWest]

Small business are being neglected by Democrats across the country. Democrats don’t have a plan for the “middle class,” they’ve abandoned the working class in order to focus on freebies for illegal aliens.

Phil Tavel plans to the focus back to the middle class and the small business owners who are truly the heart of the city.

Seattle would be lucky to have him. We wish Phil luck.

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