Roger Stone Says Anyone Thinking Senate ‘Will Never Impeach’ is Being Naive…And a New Survey Suggests He May Be Right

Roger Stone Says Anyone Thinking Senate ‘Will Never Impeach’ is Being Naive…And a New Survey Suggests He May Be Right
Stone is warning everyone not to get too cocky thining the Senate will automatically save President Trump. Stone says that there's a lot of behind-the-scenes "wobbly Republicans" out there who could cause a big problem for President Trump.

Trump confidante Roger Stone has a dire warning for Trump and his supporters.

Stone is warning everyone not to get too cocky thining the Senate will automatically save President Trump. Stone says that there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes “wobbly Republicans” out there who could cause a big problem for President Trump.

Will Pelosi impeach President Trump? It’s hard to say, but as each day goes by she backs herself deeper and deeper into the corner, so she may not have a choice.

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However, on the conservative side, the consensus is that House impeaches and Senate rejects. Yes, logically speaking that makes sense, but as Stone points out, in this crazy and ever-changing political climate we can’t always count on the norms panning out.

“I think that those who sit back and say, ‘Well, the House may impeach the president, but surely the Republican Senate will never convict him,’ I think are being naive,” said Stone, adding that Trump is “in for an incredible fight” because the media and the “two-party duopoly” is against him and hope the attacks against him “will wear his support down in the states where there are wobbly Republican senators, so they feel comfortable voting for his removal.”

Stone said the notion that anything in Washington these days is simply “Republicans vs Democrats” is “outdated thinking.”

“This is insiders versus an outsider,” he said. “This is the status quo versus a disruptor.” [Town Hall]

So, the question is could Stone be onto something with these undercover “wobbly” senators? These senators who you’d never think “hate” Trump, but behind closed doors detest him — will they be an issue for us down the road? Are they waiting and keeping quiet for now, hoping the House can dig up something that allows them to flip against Trump under the guise of “good conscience?”

Maybe…and here’s why. Daily Caller decided to conduct a survey of GOP senators. They asked every single Republican senator if they would rule out impeaching Trump.

Here are the results:

Out of 53 senators, how many do you think responded in the affirmative?

Twenty? Thirty?

How about … seven.

Give a round of applause to Senators Jim Inhofe, Thom Tillis, Cindy Hyde-Smith, Roger Wicker, Mike Rounds, Rob Portman, Jerry Moran for seeing through this ridiculous charade right away. But what’s up with the other 46? Even accounting for some who didn’t respond because they didn’t get the message in time or others who know how they’ll vote but want to hold out official comment because of their potential role as “juror,” that’s a pretty high number. Sure, nobody thinks Ted Cruz would really vote to remove Trump from office, but they only need 20, remember? Suddenly, it doesn’t seem like such an impossible reach. [Town Hall]

I am shocked that Rob Portman said yes, so perhaps that’s promising news.

But the point is, it only takes 20 senators to derail this whole thing. We know Romney, Murkowski, Collins, and Gardner would likely vote with Democrats. But there’s still a large pool of those “wobbly” senators who we’re not entirely sure where they stand. And yes I know many signed the resolution, but that’s not worth the paper it’s printed on. Are there 16 defectors? Probably not, but here’s the point…There MIGHT be 16 defectors so we need to act as if there are so we’re not caught off guard.

And not to get too far into the conspiracy theory weeds, but what’s to say that the Deep State hasn’t collected “dirt” on some of these senators, that could be used as blackmail against them? Maybe that sounds like a spy novel, but would you really put it past these vultures?

What’s Stone’s suggestion?

What’s the answer? Well, Stone’s suggestion for the president, and it’s a great one, is to use his “incredible fundraising juggernaut” to advertise in states where “there are Republican senators who may be thinking about joining this lynch mob.”

“As long as the president remains more popular in those states than those individual senators, they will be loath to cast a vote against the president, particularly based on the thinnest read that we have seen so far,” he said. Stone’s advice to Trump, and I completely concur: “Take this very seriously. Continue to demand total transparency. Stay very focused on those states with wobbly Republican senators. That is where this fight will be won or lost.”

In sum, some of these “wobbly” GOP senators may dislike, even hate President Trump in secret, but odds are they like their power and position even more. They need to unequivocally know that stabbing Trump voters in the back will mean the end of their political career, period. Good luck getting elected dog catcher, much less to another Senate term. They can pack up and take their misguided “principles” to the house.

“Donald Trump is the toughest guy I’ve ever met, and he isn’t doing it for himself. He’s doing it for us,” said Stone.

Maybe so, but going forward he’s going to need a LOT of help. [Town Hall]

The best thing Trump supporters can do is call your senators and make sure that they’re standing 100% behind President Trump. Demand that they support our America First President. Tell them their career and reputation depend on it.

Here’s the contact info for all U.S. Senators. 

Make sure you are vocal. Don’t take anything for granted. Always play the game like your 2 touchdowns behind. And if we do that, we can win this thing.

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