Opinion: Trump Outsmarted Everyone on Syria

Opinion: Trump Outsmarted Everyone on Syria
Trump tackles negotiations with world leaders the same way he'd handle a heated boardroom negation. First, he thinks outside of the box and next, he uses whatever tool necessary to put his opponent on the defense.

They don’t call him the “art of the deal” for nothing.

President Trump looks at the world through a different lens than say, your average neocon warmonger would. Trump is not interested in making defense contractors richer, or making lobbyists and foreign donors happy.

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Trump tackles negotiations with world leaders the same way he’d handle a heated boardroom negation. First, he thinks outside of the box and next, he uses whatever tool necessary to put his opponent on the defense.

That’s exactly what he did in Syria, and it has worked like a charm.

resident Trump ordered U.S. special forces out of Syria to a chorus of howling Democrats and all the old, experienced hands at State and, supposedly, the military.  (I had doubts as well.)  Democrats yelled that all hell was about to break loose.  The Pentagon pulled its hair.  Europe trembled and blanched.  The Mideast girded for something awful.

Everybody thought we had to keep our troops around so the Turks wouldn’t invade Northern Syria and kill off all the Kurds.  Everybody wanted them to negotiate with the Kurds and figured the only way to do that was little by little, by getting allies to reason with Turkey and hem and haw and maybe buy her off as in times past.  Meanwhile, we had to keep the two ancient enemies, Kurds and Turks, apart.

Negotiations would ever happen only if our troops stayed.

Trump saw the situation differently.  As beautifully laid out by Sundance at Conservative Treehouse, removing our guys would leave the intransigent Turks vulnerable to an alliance against them of their many enemies in the region.  This thought didn’t occur to Turkish president Recep Erdoğan, who at first seemed delighted that we were leaving and promptly dispatched his troops into Syria, as everybody had predicted he would. [American Thinker]

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While the media and Democrats like to paint President Trump as if he’s some bumbling madman who is *this close* to starting World War 3, the opposite is actually true.

Trump is a peaceful president – he uses negotiations and clever “chess moves,” to advance his cause, and he’s also good at “reading people” in order to get the results that he wants.

Imagine if some of our previous leaders took that approach?

We wouldn’t have lost so many amazing men and women in useless foreign wars.

However, predictably, the media continues to push this notion that Trump is a “wild card” and is wreaking havoc all over the world.  ABC did that just recently, and ended up with a dozen eggs on their face.

ABC News was so appalled that it ran footage from a Kentucky gun range video, called it the Turkish invasion, and heaped abuse on Trump for atrocities committed against Kurds.  Even the usually level-headed Andrew Malcolm took the president severely to task for abandoning our Kurdish allies.  George Conway, who has never had a good word to say about the president, styles the troop withdrawal a blunder of historical proportions.

Not so fast, fellas.  The actual result hasn’t been quite what everyone expected.  Erdoğan suddenly understood the box he was in when Trump authorized Treasury secretary Mnuchin to prepare sanctions against Turkey.  By themselves, sanctions haven’t succeeded much in that part of the world.  But in concert with the departure of the U.S., they became a scary signal that Turkey was all by her lonesome.  Having steadfastly refused to negotiate, Erdoğan now nervously rang up Trump and asked for an emergency conference.  Trump sent Vice President Pence and national security adviser O’Brien to mediate negotiations with the Kurds. [American Thinker]

What Trump has just done is genius. He has sparked talks and negations that could have never happened, except for the U.S. troops leaving the region.

This is another example of Trump being a visionary, and approaching foreign policy in a new and better way.

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It’s the same way he managed to calm North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, and how he is forcing the Chinese to play fair when it comes to trade. It’s also how he finagled the Mexican government into fixing the border mess.

None of these incidents are “happy accidents.” Trump is using the “art of the deal” on world leaders, and it’s working.

As those great writers over at American Thinker say,  ‘Trump once again exhibits strategic insight not seen in the White House since George Washington.”

We agree. 

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