Report: Miami Will Host America’s First ‘Concert Against Communism’ to Combat Leftist Ideology

Report: Miami Will Host America’s First ‘Concert Against Communism’ to Combat Leftist Ideology
The fine people in Miami who are putting on this concert could change the name to "Concert Against Liberalism" and it would still mean the same thing.

The fine people in Miami who are putting on this concert could change the name to “Concert Against Liberalism” and it would still mean the same thing. As it stands now, however, the concert against communism will be the first of its kind.

Music industry icons in Miami, Florida are putting on the charity concert in order to fight communism. The event will happen in the Spring of 2020 and will be a direct hit against all of the Dem candidates out there proudly promoting and supporting socialism, which as we all know is the baby-step away from full-blown communism.

Not to mention the other leftists like AOC and The Squad who have been pushing deadly socialism – a totally failed plan that has killed many. Just look at Venezuela.

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Communism is an ideology containing a spectrum of extreme leftist views – from traditional Marxism to Castroism to the personality-cult strain currently ruling China – that champion complete, totalitarian control of the lives of every individual and complete state control of all property, including citizens as property.

Communism and socialism are not something we want anywhere near America, yet Democrats continue pushing it because they are power-crazed ghouls.

The “Concert Against Communism” is the brainchild of legendary Miami producer Frankie Marcos and will be co-sponsored by the Cuban Democratic Directorate, a non-profit organization that advocates for human rights on the island. Proceeds for the concert will go to non-profits working to help the victims of communism.

The concert will be geared towards featuring Hispanic artists popular in Miami. Organizer Frankie Marcos and his band, Clouds, are scheduled to perform, as well as salsa legend Willy Chirino, a vocal human rights advocate in the Cuban American community. Also on the list are jazz legend Arturo Sandoval, singer-songwriter Amaury Gutiérrez, reggaeton artist Chocolate MC, and punk rocker Gorki Águila, whose anti-communist anthems have landed him in prison dozens of times while on the island.

The cultural effort arrives in Miami at a pivotal time for Latin America. Following a meeting of the Sao Paulo Forum – a coalition of leftist governments in the region – in July, violent leftist uprisings have spread throughout the continent. Police in BoliviaColombiaEcuador, and Chile have all arrested Cuban government agents and Venezuelan nationals believed to be working on the part of the socialist dictatorship there participating in riots against the government.

While a wave of leftist leaders greeted Latin America at the turn of the 21st century, the collapse of Venezuela under socialism triggered the election of conservative leaders throughout much of the rest of the region. The longest-serving of the democratically elected socialist leaders, Evo Morales of Bolivia, attempted to stay in power in a fraudulent election last month that led to his resignation – and to a wave of terrorist activity on behalf of his supporters when, fearing prosecution, his Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) party leadership fled with him to Mexico, leaving conservative President Jeanine Áñez in office.

“The Cuban exile community, as witness to the oldest communist dictatorship in Latin America, has a platform of fraternity and solidarity to the exile communities of Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, and all those countries threatened by this ill,” the organizers of the Concert Against Communism said of the event in a press release published last week, promising a series of promotional campaigns explaining the dire consequences of communist policies in countries where they are implemented and the need for more awareness of the problem in the United States.

Miami’s abundant Latin American population makes it a natural host for the event. It is also currently experiencing a backlash against Cuban artists who support the communist regime visiting Miami and making money in the United States, something the Cuban embargo against the United States prevents Cuban-American artists from doing. [Breitbart]

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The video below is in Spanish, so if you speak it, you’ll enjoy it.

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