Meadows Explains Media Is Distorting Sondland’s Statement

Meadows Explains Media Is Distorting Sondland’s Statement
Mark Meadows says the media is not telling the truth about Sondland’s amendment to his testimony and he corrects the record

Rep. Mark Meadows is trying his best to correct the media who is currently reporting that European Union Ambassador Sondland changed his testimony citing that Pres. Trump did, in fact, use quid pro quo with the Ukraine President during his July phone call.

Meadows tweeted: “Seeing many overblown (and outright false) reports about Ambassador Sondland’s testimony. Here’s what he actually said.

1. I did not (and still don’t) know why aid was held up
2. I “PRESUMED” it was because of corruption
3. I told Yermak my assumption”

Meadows is referring to paragraph four:

Meadows then followed his tweet up with another tweet:

Here is Meadows highlighting paragraph five:

If you read both paragraphs there are huge changes in Paragraph 5. Lots of doctoring up Paragraph.4. It appears after meeting with Rep. Adam Schiff’s attorneys, comments made by Sondland in Paragraph 5 appear way more than a refresher of memories.

The media will not correct this as they have what they need to take down Pres. Trump, another lie. Investigating a political opponent isn’t a high crime or misdemeanor. If it were so every single democrat in Congress should be immediately impeached.

Alas it is the double standard again, sigh


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