Nadler Wants To Know If POTUS Is Sending Lawyers To Impeachment Proceedings Next Week

Nadler Wants To Know If POTUS Is Sending Lawyers To Impeachment Proceedings Next Week
Democrats have lost their minds, they're filled with hatred, violence, and revenge and are destroying their party over a nothing conversation.

If I were Pres, Trump, I wouldn’t dignify Rep. Jerry Nadler, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, with an answer.

Let him sweat it out. Every time that door opened during the inquiry, Nadler’s head should pop up to see if the President’s team is coming or not. Why would I tell them if I were going to show up so they can prepare their sabotage? Nadler asked the White House on Friday whether or not they were going to participate in the impeaching hearings.

Nadler also asked Republicans on his committee, which witnesses they wanted subpoenas delivered.

Next week the impeachment investigations transcend into a new phase with the House Judiciary Committee. Dems are still trying to put the circle in the square, forcing Trump’s actions as constituting impeachable offenses.

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The past two weeks have been filled with less than impressive Q&A’s that left the country bored, walking away from or turning off the hearings due to the lack of there being there.

Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia was instructed by Nadler to have Pres. Trump responds by the end of next week. On Wednesday, the Judiciary Committee will meet to examine the “constitutional grounds for presidential impeachment.” Afterward, they could move to hearings where witnesses testify about Trump’s alleged actions with Ukraine.

Trump has called the actions of the House Democrats and their impeaching circus, a sham. He mocked their attempts to try to drag down his administration mostly in part because he could not have his lawyers cross-examine intelligence panel witnesses during hearings and depositions.

Rep. Adam Schiff’s Intelligence Panel is scheduled to release it’s findings to the Judiciary Committee, which is the panel responsible for drafting any articles of impeachment for a vote by the full House.

As with Schiff, Nadler also can deny witnesses, summoned by Republicans who will more than likely call on Hunter Biden and Adam Schiff they get into the process.

Dems started this investigation probe to see whether or not Trump abused his office by pressing Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to investigate former VP Joe Biden and his son Hunter for illegal business operations before the 2016 election.

Hunter served on a Ukrainian energy company board when his father, had some responsibility for the Obama administration’s Ukraine policy.

Democrats have lost their minds, they’re filled with hatred, violence, and revenge and are destroying their party over a nothing conversation. The Biden’s profited by blackmailing Ukrainian leaders under Barack Obama and his corrupt administration to make millions, and they need to be investigated.

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Trump and the Republicans need to distance themselves from these proceedings. The committee Repubs need to ask for Schiff and the whistleblower to testify to make Nadler refuse and better highlight the biased nature of this farce. But other than that, let the Dems hang themselves.

The Party of the Clueless (Democrats) have already lost the 2020 Presidential Election. At this point, they are just working for smear points to prove their hatred for our President. What they don’t seem to grasp is the fact that they are giving the control of the House back to the Republicans while retaining the majority in the Senate.

What is impressive is that this gang of America hating liberals do not care about the damage they have done to their party and this Republic. When the Republicans have the control of all three branches of government, maybe they can accomplish something this time, and I don’t mean reaching their hands across the aisle to the traitorous Democrats!

Watch the video above, via Fox News.


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