Moment Of Truth For Republicans — Step Up And Fight For POTUS Or Face Voter Revolt

Moment Of Truth For Republicans — Step Up And Fight For POTUS Or Face Voter Revolt
Pres. Trump is doing an excellent job for the country, so why not stand with him and defend him as his supporters do.

This is the moment of truth for Republicans. Either they step up and fight for this President against that apparent coup, or they do as they always do and run away. If they run away now, their voters will run away from them for good.

What scares me is the GOP has been afraid to defend Pres. Trump over the past two years. They seem always to want to test the political wind first, which usually forces them to stand on the sidelines and watch the media and Democrats slam Trump constantly.

As I’ve said on my radio show, it’s way past time to get their heads out of their behinds, and the wind will feel and smell a bit better. If the media and Democrats succeed in tarring Trump, they’ll take down the whole GOP whether we defend him or not, so the ONLY WAY for the GOP to succeed is to defend him wholeheartedly.

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This whole “impeachment” thing is a complete farce. There has never been a more totally useless group of elected officials in the history of this country than the Democrats in Washington today. They are simply wasting time and tax money “running out the clock” until the elections of 2020. They are engaged in the classic “throwing crap against the wall hoping something will stick” routine. They think this whole “impeachment” charade will cause enough doubt in people’s minds to cause them to not vote for President Trump in 2020. The most fundamental belief of the Democrats, for which we see proof every day, is that the American people are dumb as rocks.

What puzzles me most is the fact the Democrats have not come up with one impeachable offense the President has committed it would seem that after all this time and investigations they could come up with one, if there was one.

As I see it on one side, we have a Democrat party that is hell-bent on globalist socialism. On the other hand, we have a Republican party that was more than willing to give away the White House in 2016 by running a bunch of losers. Then-candidate Donald Trump threw a monkey wrench in all of that and now is paying the price for having the nerve of actually winning. If the left is successful in removing him from office, thereby nullifying the results of the election, then there is no point in voting anymore. We will no longer be the USA; we will be North American.

Democrats have made a mockery out of congressional justice. The constitution is under attack. If the Democrats are allowed to continue, this country will be a socialist mess. If this country votes back in democrats, then they deserve what they get. Visit a communist country. See for yourself what is to dislike because you will not like it.

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Pres. Trump is doing an excellent job for the country, so why not stand with him and defend him as his supporters do. I am not saying support his tweeting, but the policies he’s put in place are bringing this country back from the brink after eight years of Barack Obama.

All politicians are walking a tightrope because they don’t know what the majority of voters want. The pollsters are running the show, but nobody believes them either.

Many are saying the trip to the voting booth next year will be a concise one for them as they proudly walk in to cast their vote for Trump, and then walk out again, unless those RINO cowards in Congress start doing something to justify reelection.


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