[VIDEO] Schiff’s ‘Star Witness’ Not Only Blew Up Dems Entire Impeachment Case, He Smiled While Doing It

[VIDEO] Schiff’s ‘Star Witness’ Not Only Blew Up Dems Entire Impeachment Case, He Smiled While Doing It
The witness actually smiled as he screwed over Schiff ?

Adam Schiff had his worst “impeachment circus” day yet on Tuesday.

It was bad for him because two of his star witnesses turned on him.

Here’s the background: Schiff’s entire impeachment hinges on the claim that Ambassador Sondland worked out a “quid pro quo” deal with the WH so that Ukraine President Zelensky could have a meeting with President Trump. According to Schiff, Sondland told a group of people including himself and Mr. Bolton, details about this so-called “deal.”

Mr. Volker said that never happened.

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Schiff was livid and claimed Volker was going back what he said during his deposition (in the secret basement lair).

“You didn’t remember that Gordon Sondland had brought this up in the July 10th meeting with the Ukrainians, and  Ambassador Bolton called an end to the meeting, and Ambassador Bolton described that meeting as some drug deal that Sondland and Mulvaney cooked up? You have no recollection of that?” Schiff asked.

Volker pushed back saying that was not what happened. He said the meeting did not end abruptly and that at the conclusion of the meeting, the members took a photograph together in front of the White House.

Volker ended up blowing up Schiff’s entire impeachment plan, and he smiled as he did it.

You can watch the video below:


Things got even more hairy for Schiff when Tim Morrison refused to play along as well – as he begged for him it wrong for President Trump to call for investigations into former Vice President Biden.

You can watch the video below:




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