Report: Predictably, Mainstream Media Ignores ‘Good Guy With a Gun’ Who Ended Walmart Shooting Spree

Report: Predictably, Mainstream Media Ignores ‘Good Guy With a Gun’ Who Ended Walmart Shooting Spree
The shooting took place in the parking lot and was ended by a good guy with a gun.

On Monday, gunfire rang out at a Walmart in Oklahoma.

By all accounts, it appears this was a “domestic disturbance” issue – not an active shooter.

The shooting took place in the parking lot and was ended by a good guy with a gun.

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Of course, the lying mainstream media has no interest in a story like this, so they’re ignoring it.

Duncan Police Chief Danny Ford is not confirming many details but here are a few things we know:
– The initial 911 call came in at 9:53 a.m.
– The victims included a woman and a man located in a car in the Walmart parking lot.
– The shooter also died at the scene from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Family members have confirmed his identity as Yayo Varela, Jr.
– At least nine shots were fired during the incident.
– The two victims had been inside the Walmart before the shooting but the shooter was never inside the store.
– A connection has not been confirmed between the victims and shooter.
– The female victim was an employee at Walmart. [7 News]

Sadly, 2 people are dead (3 including the shooter). Witnesses say the man shot two people inside a car, and then was confronted by an armed civilian. The police have not confirmed this as of yet.

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When the armed good guy with a gun confronted the man, he turned the gun on himself committing suicide.

This is why we need more GOOD PEOPLE armed with guns. Bad people will always go bad things – we need good people to help create balance and save lives.

Three people are dead at an Oklahoma Walmart after a shooting on Monday morning, with the shooter reportedly being one of the people killed.

That’s according to Duncan Police Chief Danny Ford, who said the shooting took place in the store parking lot.

And it appears the incident was brought to a conclusion by a good guy with a gun — which means the story is not long for the news cycle. Even more so considering that the gunman appeared to be armed with a handgun.

Local ABC affiliate KSWO-TV reported that multiple witnesses said the gunman shot two people in a vehicle before being confronted by an armed civilian, which resulted in the shooter turning his gun on himself.

A witness, Julie Belew, spoke of the comfort she took in a good guy with a gun being there.

“I was comforted knowing that there were people around me just ready to disarm him and do what needed to be done,” she said. “He made me feel like he was protecting me because he kind of stood right next to my car. I was really nervous. I didn’t understand what was going on. I didn’t realize he was not a police officer.”

Monday’s shooting comes just days after the reopening of a El Paso, Texas, Walmart that was the scene of a mass shooting in August that claimed the lives of 22 people in the parking lot and inside the store.

Walmart just announced a dramatic new gun policy, ending the sale of handguns in Alaska, the only state the retailer still sells handguns in, and discontinuing the sale of ammunition for handguns nationwide. The sale of short-barrel rifle ammunition will also be discontinued nationwide. [Bizpacreview]

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