Bride-To-Be Considers Giving Out Wedding Invitation as Christmas Gift

Bride-To-Be Considers Giving Out Wedding Invitation as Christmas Gift
Reddit commenters largely agreed that this was not a great idea — go figure

‘Tis the season… If you have never heard of a “white elephant” gift exchange — its a game where everyone brings a gift, but not for anyone in particular. Everyone goes one-by-one, picking a gift at random, or stealing a gift that has already been opened by another player.

Most often, this type of gift exchange takes place at a Christmas party and a lot of the time the gifts are gag gifts which just makes the whole thing a big pain in the butt.

Anyway, add co-workers into the mix — so you’re buying for strangers that you spend most of your week with and you either know way too much or way too little about these non-stranger strangers. It’s a recipe for something interesting to go down.

Case in point — finding gifts for co-workers is always a daunting task, but based on the negative responses on Reddit, it’s not a good idea to give an invitation to your wedding as a white elephant gift.

Go figure.

One bride-to-be learned this the hard way when she asked for advice on the subject. A Reddit user under the name Throwawayiamcornhlio recently took to one of the site’s bridezilla forums, where she explained, “Getting married early next year. Invitations just went out, but a lot of people from work fell on the ‘B’ list because we both have big families who live out of town who get first priority. A very small number of work friends have been invited already. Once we get ‘no’ RSVPs from people out of town, we’ll replace those spots with work friends.”

“Going to a Christmas party at someone’s home with a lot of these work friends this weekend, where there will be a white elephant gift exchange,” she continued. “Would I be a jerk if I brought an invitation to my wedding as my white elephant gift?”

“I can see it either as a cute way to invite someone at an earlier stage,” the Redditor continued, “or it could highlight that some people haven’t been invited, make people feel like they have to beg and dance for an invite, and make people feel way worse if they don’t make the final cut.”

In response, Reddit commenters largely agreed that this was not a great idea.

One user hated the idea so much he went as far to say, “If I were that ‘lucky’ coworker that unwrapped the invitation, I would outright beg for others to steal it because I’d rather have the Billy the Singing Bigmouth Bass plaque than go to a narcissist’s wedding.”

What do you think?!

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