Report: Rush Limbaugh Says Chuck Todd is Butt-Hurt Because Nobody Cares About The Dems Impeachment

Report: Rush Limbaugh Says Chuck Todd is Butt-Hurt Because Nobody Cares About The Dems Impeachment
Chuck Todd is VERY UPSET that you don't think Trump's impeachment is "monumental" and "historic"?

Have you noticed how the media and the Dems were trying to make this impeachment into some big stupid serious thing?

Pelosi put on her little black dress like she was in mourning and so solemn and somber and the Dems tried to make it seem as if this was not something they wanted to do – but something that just sort of fell in their lap and they had to do it…

And of course, our fake news media went right along with it.

It’s been completely laughable and actually insulting to every single American who has watched these maniacs try and impeach President Trump for the past 3-years like a pack of wild jackals.

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Rush Limbaugh says that the media is devastated that you and I are not interested in this “historic” moment.

Chuck Todd is literally butt-hurt that we don’t care.

The Drive-By Media today wanted this to be a grave day — very grave, historic and solemn. They wanted people to stop what they were doing and to get very, very serious and solemn, and to understand how desperately needed and important it is to get Donald Trump thrown out of office so as to save the world. But they haven’t pulled it off. They wanted to be the priests! Well, not really because they don’t like God/religion.

But they wanted to be the equivalent of the father-confessor. But they know it’s BS. They know it’s all politics. They know it’s not grave. They know it’s not solemn. They know that you have not fallen into line. Here’s F. Chuck Todd this morning, NBC special coverage. Lester Holt says, “Pause for this moment in time, if you will. Impeachment. It’s a stain, it’s a mark of shame, something that will be noted in history.”

TODD: I was struck both just last night and this morning how unremarkable today has suddenly felt — suddenly feels. And I say that because it is remarkable what’s happening, it is historic what’s happening, and yet it feels like… Let’s be honest, Lester. It feels like we’re coming on the air dealing with a government shutdown threat, not impeachment. And the reason I say it that way is because that is how numb I think our politics is to what we’re facing. I mean, this should be a moment where the whole country is basically having their own gut check, where we are having a national conversation trying to figure this out. The fact that we’re not having it just tells you how numb we are to the politics that we participate in.

RUSH: No, Chuck. No. It’s a testament to how ineffective your coup has been. [Rush Limbaugh]

It’s funny how once again the media misreads what’s happening – Rush gets it, though.

We’re not desensitized to politics today. We just know a stunt when we see one.

The Dems have literally made impeachment mean nothing.

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Wanna know what I was doing when they were impeaching Trump last night? I was watching “King of Queens” reruns and eating a low-fat blueberry yogurt.

There was nothing about this sham that felt “historic” or “monumental.”

It felt like another political stunt by a group of desperate globalists.

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