Kellyanne Conway Blasts Pamela Karlan for ‘Looking Down at Half of America’

Kellyanne Conway Blasts Pamela Karlan for ‘Looking Down at Half of America’
White House official on Thursday called out some of the commentary this week against the president — and also had words for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

By Maureen Mackey | December 5, 2019

Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Donald Trump, said in no uncertain terms on “Fox & Friends” on Thursday morning of law professor Pamela Karlan, “She was the witness [for the Democrats at the House Judiciary Committee hearings on Wednesday]? She’s the star witness?”

“She didn’t educate us,” she said. “She spends her life lecturing people. She hob-knobs with the elite, with the next generation of lawyers.”

“I took out six figures’ worth of student loans,” added Conway, “to put myself through law school and college with my single mother working her tail off to supplement that. I resent someone like that looking down at half of America.”

“She [Karlan] sounds like Hillary Clinton with the ‘deplorables’ and ‘irredeemables.’ And we’re sick of it.”

“And people are watching. You want to get the president. You want to look down on him. You look down on the people. Tired of it,” added Conway on the Fox News Channel on Thursday morning.

Regarding the House Democrats’ push for impeachment against Trump, Conway noted, “If you go back and look at the original transcript [of the July 25 phone call], the president is asking them [the Ukrainians] to investigate corruption and make good on the campaign promise that was successful for President Zelensky of Ukraine.”

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“He successfully ran and won,” she added — “and not a squeaker election, basically a very decisive election, on the anti-corruption agenda. The Ukrainian people agree with President Trump that we have to root out corruption in Ukraine … Now, if you’re investigating Burisma and it takes you to a couple of the board members there, we didn’t decide who sits on the board of Burisma. If you’re investigating corruption in Ukraine and it takes you to anybody named Biden, we’re not starting with the Bidens.”

“I disagree completely that the facts are undisputed,” added Conway about the Democratic push toward impeachment. “The entire point of these — of the trial in the Senate — would be to get to the facts. The Democrats missed a huge opportunity to build their case. They didn’t present evidence yesterday [Wednesday]. They didn’t present fact witnesses.”

The law professors called by the Democrats, she added, “spend their lives, their careers, lecturing. And that’s fine. That’s their right. And they tried to lecture us. I think they would have done much better having trial attorneys who are accustomed to arguing evidence, building a case.”

She added, “But I wanted to say this … President Trump, me, any of us, haven’t chosen the board members of Burisma any more than we choose who’s running for president in 2020. We just take them as they come. So if you investigate Burisma, which was known as one of the more corrupt companies in Ukraine, and if you investigate what happened with the prosecutor, who Joe Biden insisted be fired because said prosecutor was investigating Burisma, and that takes you to anybody named Biden, that’s where the, quote, ‘Facts and evidence,’ take you.”

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“But that professor yesterday talking about how the president demanded that a foreign government interfere in our election, I’ve got the transcript right here. I don’t see 2020 in there. I don’t see President Trump referring to Joe Biden as a spooky … political opponent. He doesn’t need the Ukraine to help him beat Joe Biden,” she also said, in part.

And regarding House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s push for the impeachment of Donald Trump, Conway referenced the American people who are being left behidn by the Democrats’ obsession: “Somebody ought to ask her [Pelosi] about the USMCA [the trade agreement between the U.S., Canada and Mexico]. Because the same people who benefit, the farmers, the auto workers, the auto manufacturers, the same people who benefit are the same people professor-what’s-her-name [meaning Karlan] are looking down on and insulting.”

“So Nancy Pelosi should think about that. She’s got 31 Democrats in these Trump-Pence districts. Twenty-one are freshmen and they need the USMCA passed. Their workers in their districts certainly need it.”

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This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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