[VIDEO] Patriots Corner Nervous Nadler and Shame Him as He Escapes on Elevator ‘You’ve Broken Your Oath’

[VIDEO] Patriots Corner Nervous Nadler and Shame Him as He Escapes on Elevator ‘You’ve Broken Your Oath’
Nadler is a little, tiny coward. He couldn't even answer these Ameican patriots.

I absolutely love it when American patriots get involved and confront politicians.

Especially at a time like this, when desperate Democrats are trying so hard to silence the voter’s voices in order to hold on to a sliver of power.

That’s precisely what happened to Chairman Nadler, who is leading the impeachment fiasco.

Nadler was confronted by Trump-supporting patriots who asked him how do you think the voters are going to react to this impeachment?

New polling shows voters are not happy.

Of course, Nadler didn’t respond – he’s an idiot and a coward. He just did his best to try and scoot onto the elevator as quick as possible.

But before the elevator doors closed this group of amazing patriots told Nadler that he was “shameful” and that he’s “broken his oath,” and then threw in a “Trump 2020” for good measure.

Word has it that Dems will be voting on articles of impeachment on Wednesday.

It’s time to start calling the 31 vulnerable Dems. We have their names and contact information for you. Please, join us in calling them!

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You can watch the video below:

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