Michigan Voter Roundtable Not Shy In Telling MSNBC Host They Have Impeachment Fatigue — “It’s Just Noise”

Michigan Voter Roundtable Not Shy In Telling MSNBC Host They Have Impeachment Fatigue — “It’s Just Noise”
Despite the best efforts of Democrats and their many allies in the media, people can see this for exactly what it is. This does not bode well for Democrats next fall.

Michigan voters recently sat down to do an impeachment panel with NBC News’ Dante Chinni.

The more the camera panned the table, you could tell impeachment wasn’t important to them or the individuals they hang around. It seemed as a foregone conclusion that this was a partisan show and it wasn’t significant in their everyday lives.

The Democrats have their own internal polling, and if they thought they could win 2020 with voter fraud there’s no way they would have launched this insane impeachment effort. I won’t go so far as to say that we’ve got this in the bag, but things are looking pretty good.

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Any normal thinking American in a swing state or not has to believe that these Democrats are sore losers and they want to get us as well for voting for Trump.

They have to realize the accomplishments and the fact that this president cares more than another president about the security and the economy and the military in this nation. If the media would just report the truth and what this president said on phone call maybe then more Americans would understand the hate that these democrats have and false accusations that they have been spreading about Pres. Trump.

When Democrats initially launched their partisan impeachment push, they continually claimed it’s what the majority of Americans want. As time goes on and they continue to push this one-sided agenda, polling continually reveals that the majority of Americans – regardless of political party – do not want Congress to impeach and remove President Donald Trump.

In fact, some lifelong Democratic voters are walking away from the party and plan to vote for Trump in 2020. The reason? They see this for what this is: a farce that’s based on hatred of the president, not based on facts or wrongdoing…

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“I don’t even care about it. It’s just noise,” Dr. Michael Wittmer, a professor of Systematic and Historical Theology at Cornerstone University, explained. “Have you ever recorded a football game but found out the final score before you watched it? You just don’t even care. You know what’s going to happen. The House will vote [to approve] articles of impeachment. The Senate will probably acquit. And so, it’s already baked in. It’s not interesting.”…

“I think it’s fairly straightforward,” attorney Peter Smit replied. “I think a lot of people see it more as an infomercial politically and it is very different than, like, looking back on the Nixon impeachment, which was really, really grave at the time, and, by the vote, very bipartisan. And this just seems like it really is political theater.” [Townhall]

The Democrats have failed Class President 101 — if you want to win an election, don’t base your entire platform on demeaning and impeaching your opposition. They need to go back to middle school.


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