Gov. Mike Huckabee Sums Up Today’s ‘Embarrassing Political Porn Show’ in One Brilliant Tweet

Gov. Mike Huckabee Sums Up Today’s ‘Embarrassing Political Porn Show’ in One Brilliant Tweet
Nobody summed up today's pathetic events better than Gov. Mike Huckabee

Ringleader Jerry Nadler took over the impeachment “big top” from his buddy Adam Schiff today and conducted one of the most pointless, ridiculous hearings ever.

He did not present a single witness who had any factual evidence whatsoever – nobody had ever met President Trump – not one person was involved with the Ukraine call.

Instead, Nadler invited a bunch of academia #Resstance people who hate Trump to testify about why they “think” and “believe” President Trump should be impeached.

It was beyond a circus. It was an embarrassing waste of time and energy. At this point, I don’t even know what the Dems are doing, to be honest. This is political suicide.

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It was so ludicrous that one of the witnesses hated President Trump so much that she refused to walk by his D.C. Hotel. She would actually cross the street to avoid walking by his hotel.

I’m sorry, but that’s not normal behavior by a well-adjusted adult. What is this high school?

You can watch that video below:

All of Nadler’s witnesses donated to Obama, Hillary and/or Warren.

How bipartisan. lol

These people are hardcore progressives with a clear anti-Trump agenda who have been given a platform by the Dems to trash the president. It’s like a #Resistance bitchfest.

Nobody summed up today’s pathetic events better than Gov. Mike Huckabee who said, “My take on this embarrassing political porn show by Dems: a steady parade of angry, bitter, partisans who hate the President don’t personally have evidence, but THINK, FEEL, and BELIEVE & presume conclusions are hell-bent on undoing votes of ppl like you & me.”

Exactly right.

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