Officer Replaced Christmas Decorations Stolen From Sick Boy That Was Hospitalized 4 Months!

Officer Replaced Christmas Decorations Stolen From Sick Boy That Was Hospitalized 4 Months!
Over the weekend, a family friend gave them a snowman inflatable to replenish their front yard winter wonderland that already includes Olaf from “Frozen” and a Christmas tree.

Two inflatables that featured Santa Claus, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and a snowman were stolen overnight from the front yard of the Rathbone family.

Declan Rathbone, 4, spent over 120 days in the hospital during 2019 and currently receives dehydration treatments daily.

Wesley: “He’s had six surgeries in five months. The big one that they did, they found a 10-inch abscess in the stomach and they took out his appendix and part of his colon.”

Just seeing those inflatables in the yard was part of a healing process, many don’t understand. They probably gave Declan a period of joy and fantasy that helped him cope with what he was going through at the time.

After the inflatables were stolen, Wesley wanted the thieves to know they didn’t take the family’s Christmas spirit, so he made a sign telling everyone who passed by how the burglary did not phase them.

A policeman saw the sign over the weekend and decided to do something about it.

It kind of broke my heart a little bit because he looked out and said, ‘Somebody took my Santa Claus,’” said Canton Police Officer Ryan Adams.

After hearing those words, Officer Adams bought a replacement for the Santa and Rudolph piece with his own money.

My faith in humanity was gone for just a minute when all this happened,” said Wesley Rathbone, Declan’s dad.

I wanted to tell you thank you for everything,” Wesley Rathbone told Adams personally. “The smile on his face means more than what you think it does.

I’m glad I could help out put a smile on somebody’s face,” Officer Adams replied.

Once again, this story shows the best in all of us, when we come together for a cause and to the right a wrong and fix the broken.

Thank God for this officer, and little Declan will remember this and possibly pay it forward when he grows up and see this happen to someone else.


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