Opinion: Trump Supporter Scott Presler Has Done More for The Planet Than Greta Thunberg

Opinion: Trump Supporter Scott Presler Has Done More for The Planet Than Greta Thunberg
Scott Presler has done more to help the planet and poor people than Greta Thunberg.

The left has a new Climate God and her name is Greta Thunberg.

She’s an angry and pampered little teenager who travels around the world on yachts and sits in first class on trains and then complains about it.

She has a catastrophic doomsday message, she skips school, and blames older generations for “ruining her youth.” She screams, “how dare you” a lot and threatens to put world leaders in front of a “firing squad” if they don’t bend the knee to her climate change religion.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to follow that positive and fun-loving movement, right? Good grief. ?

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The city of San Fransisco used a bazillion gallons of spray paint to paint a mural of her in the town square and Time Magazine killed a bunch of trees when they printed her on the cover of their “Person of The Year” issue.

But what has she actually done for the planet? Sure, she’s said a lot of words and yelled and scowled a lot…but what she has done action-wise to help the planet?

If anything, this kid has a bigger carbon footprint than any other child her age so in theory, you could argue that Greta is actually doing more harm to the planet than good, right?

Regardless of doing next to nothing for the planet, Greta is showered with an endless supply of media attention and slews of progressive leaders, celebrities, and politicians hail her an environmental hero.

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It all seems a bit much when you can’t point to any specific “action” that she’s done to HELP the planet.

However, if you look at Trump supporter Scott Presler you can easily point to many actions that he’s taken in order to help the planet and also help underprivileged Americans who have been neglected and forgotten by all the people who fawn over Greta Thunberg.

Scott Presler has done more to help the planet and poor people than Greta Thunberg.

One look at Scott Presler’s timeline on Twitter shows you exactly what type of person he is.

Loving, happy, positive, hardworking, selfless and above all…humble.

He’s not hitching yacht rides or traveling first class on a train to go deliver a pointless speech. He doesn’t have a group of handlers or a PR team who is turning him into an eco-celebrity.


This young man is happily fixing the problems that liberal politicians have ignored and he’s helping to save the planet and poor people all along the way. Why? Because his heart is telling him to do it.

Does he get a ton of media coverage?


But I’d like to take a minute to show you some of the amazing things that Mr. Presler has done for the planet and poor people in this country.

Who is Scott Presler? He’s a former dog walker who supported President Trump in 2016 and now he’s an environmental activist cleaning up the planet with the most positive, loving, and happy spirit ever.

“I started off as a dog walker. Then, spent 2 years of my life working to defeat Hillary Clinton. Now, I travel to America’s dirtiest cities to pick up trash & register voters. I started in the dog house, pick up trash by the outhouse, & want Trump to stay in the White House.”

He goes out in bad weather with a smile on his face that can light up the darkness and he picks up trash in poverty-riddled communities that liberal politicians have abandoned.

“We’re officially the trash brigade. Whether rain, nor sleet, nor snow, we’re on a mission to bring love into urban areas across America. #BaltimoreCleanup

This is Scott’s 4th trip to Baltimore. He and his team of amazing, selfless volunteers have singlehandedly removed tons and tons and tons and tons of trash from American cities.

“We’re in West Baltimore for cleanup #4.  We made a promise to come back, so here we are. #SaturdayMorning #BaltimoreCleanup

But he doesn’t just clean up the neighborhoods and the planet –  he also helps the less fortunate by collecting Toys for Tots.

“I’m on my way to @HomeDepot to pick up supplies for Baltimore Cleanup #4 tomorrow. We’re not only cleaning up trash, but also collecting Toys For Tots. Sending out an email shortly with location details. #FridayFeeling #BaltimoreCleanup”

Scott and his team have traveled to some of the poorest and most dangerous cities in this country and have picked up over 105 tons of garbage.

“From Baltimore, to Chicago, to Los Angeles, we’ve been to some of America’s dirtiest & most dangerous cities, removing over 105 tons of trash. This Saturday, December 14th, we’re returning to the city of Baltimore — the last cleanup of 2019.#Greta #TIMEPersonoftheyear2019″

Scott’s positive and loving attitude is infectious. Why wouldn’t you want to join this man and help him? His happiness is contagious.

Greta, pay attention lass, this is how you grow a movement – with love, and compassion, and a happy heart.

What a fun day in Pennsylvania! On Mother’s Day, I not only have to wish my mother a happy day, but also thousands of my adopted moms across the country. #WomenForTrump

He’s doing some of the dirtiest work you can imagine and he does it with the biggest and brightest smile on his face.

Cleaning up America’s cities have been the proudest moments of my life. I never imagined I’d go from walking dogs to picking up trash. If we want to keep things clean, it’s time to elect new mayors across the country.” 

Here’s Scott in Houston, where he and his team picked up 20 tons of trash.

Yesterday, we picked up 20 tons of trash from the streets of Houston. Miss Delaney, an 83-year-old, 5 foot tall grandmother, heard what we were doing & gave me the biggest hug. The neighbors said they’ve never seen anything like our cleanup. #SundayMorning

Here’s a list of the cities that Scott and his team have cleaned up.

I’m proud to announce that private citizens have removed over 105 tons of trash from some of America’s biggest cities. Baltimore: 29 tons Chicago: 6 tons Houston: 20 tons Los Angeles: 50 tons #MakeAmericaCleanAgain

Scott Presler represents the common man forgotten by the global elites, with a can-do attitude and love for America and its little communities. Great Thunberg is an angry brat who was handpicked by our corrupt and Satanic globalist overlords to carry water for their phony climate change operation.

What I have shown you here is just a small sampling of what Scott is about and what he’s done. And with his attitude and his loving spirit, I know he will do so much more.

Thank you, Scott. and God Bless you and your team of amazing volunteers.


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