Trump Supporters React to Iranian Strike At U.S. Airbase in Iraq

Trump Supporters React to Iranian Strike At U.S. Airbase in Iraq
Twitter was lit up like the 4th of July with Trump supporters commenting on the Iranian Strike

On Tuesday evening Iran attacked the U.S. airbase n Iraq.

Reports from the DOD say Iran has launched more than a dozen ballistic missiles against U.S. and coalition forces.

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The move comes as a “retaliation” for the U.S. killing top Iranian terrorist Qasem Soleimani after he killed an American and organized an attack on our Baghdad embassy.

The DOD issued a statement:

Trump supporters have flooded Twitter with comments on the retaliatory attack:

“Iran is reportedly bombing sites in Iraq targeting the US military. They are, no doubt, emboldened by the vile support of Democrats and their fake news media puppets.

Thankfully, only Trump will decide what is the appropriate response. God bless America.”

“It’s time to take out Iran’s oil fields. There are 3 major ones and it is basically their only source of money. No need for ground forces. Just blow the shit out of the oil fields”

“No ground war. Period. Use drones and airstrikes to strategically take out their oil refineries, power grids, and command/control facilities.”

“If this is actually happening, it’s time to completely dismantle Iran’s military apparatus. Level them. No questions.”

“We have the strongest, most advanced military aircrafts in the world. Because of that, we don’t need to send ground troops to fight against radical Islamists in Iran. I hope every day looks & sounds like the 4th of July in Iran until the Ayatollah begs for mercy.”

“MY OPINION: Iran likely feels it had to fight back in some way so they don’t look like they’ve been completely helpless. The missiles tonight could have been them doing just that knowing that the U.S. could easily stop the ballistic missiles headed towards the bases.”

“Iran is about to learn they aren’t dealing with Obama.”

“I pity the souls of the Dems cheering these attacks. I never thought it would go sink this low”

“Our bases are under attack & liberals, along with the anti-Trump crowd, on this platform are celebrating & cracking jokes. These people hate you, they hate this country,& they worship our enemies as long as those enemies can score a few points against Trump. Absolutely disgusting”

“President Donald Trump now is the time to rain hellfire and brimstone on Iran. No BS tit for tat game. Do what has to be done. What should have been done four decades ago.”

“Iran is really screwing with the wrong country and the wrong President.”

“These people are in fact that stupid”

“You’re actually braindead if you think TRUMP is the one with “blood on his hands” and not Iran.”

“Remember…. Democrats and their media allies would rather see piles of dead AMERICAN soldiers than Trump succeed at anything. You’re going to hear lies and pro-terrorist spin from both groups. These are evil people who start riots in working class neighborhoods.”

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