[VIDEO] Tapper Looks Like He’s About to Throwup as Toobin Praises Pam Bondi’s Takedown of Hunter Biden

[VIDEO] Tapper Looks Like He’s About to Throwup as Toobin Praises Pam Bondi’s Takedown of Hunter Biden
If you want to see Jake Tapper looking like he's about to hurl, this is the article for you!

Yesterday was a political bloodbath for the Bidens and the failing Schiff Show.

Day two of #TeamTrump’s defense was a huge victory, with Florida AG Pam Bondi delivering the political “deathblow” to the Bidens.

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Bondi skilfully called out the Biden’s Ukraine corruption in a way that left most people’s jaws on the floor.

Take a look:

And while you’re at it, watch this video too:

“Appearance of a conflict of interest was raised on multiple occasions.”

Her takedown was so blistering and so skillful that CNN’s political analyst Jeffrey Toobin praised her and also slammed Hunter.

But the best part of the clip is Jake Tappers’s face.

He’s literally so upset by Toobin’s praise of Bondi and shredding of Hunter that he looks like he’s about to hurl.

It’s glorious! ?

You can watch the video below:

The media hacks are not starting to realize why this Schiff impeachment sham wasn’t such a good idea.

President Trump’s fundraising and approval ratings are going through the roof, while Biden is crashing in the polls and the DNC is bankrupt.

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It was a really bad idea to bank all of your impeachment hopes and dreams on Joe Biden’s “foreign policy” as VP…this is a hard pill for many to swallow, but there’s a lot more coming.

If they insist on witnesses Hunter and Joe will be on the chopping block and will destroy Biden even more. Bolton is a nothing-burger. Is this a gamble the Dems are willing to talke?

Are they truly that that insanely stupid?


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