CNN Pundit Slammed For Pretending He Overheard a “Damning Impeachment Talk” Between GOP Senators

CNN Pundit Slammed For Pretending He Overheard a “Damning Impeachment Talk” Between GOP Senators
When I say our media sucks, I am insulting things that actually suck.

When I say our media sucks, I am insulting things that actually suck.

Our fake news has sunk to levels so incredibly low that there are probably some serial killers out there who tell the truth more often than these media jackals do.

Our liberal media is like a group of hysterically emotional teenagers spreading juicy gossip around the school cafeteria. They’re so giddy and excited to spread the rumor that they don’t bother to fact-check anything nor do they use even a modicum of professionalism.

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And when they don’t have a juicy rumor to spread they feed their desperate desire for salacious Trumpy-gossip by creating elaborate “fan fiction” stories based on what they *think* is happening and pass it off as real news.

That’s “journalism” in the era of Trump. You just assume what’s happening and report it as news.

That sounds wildly inappropriate and unprofessional, right? Yes. And that’s precisely what a CNN political analyst just did on Twitter today.

Joe Lockhart is a CNN political analyst and a former Clinton communications guy…and he’s also a massive idiot.

Lockhart took to Twitter where he tweeted out a completely made-up story about overhearing a “damning impeachment” conversation between two GOP Senators – something very similar to what Adam Schiff did with his “fan fiction” phone call between Trump and Ukraine’s president.

Lockhart wrote: “Overheard convo between two Republican Senators who only watch Fox News. “is this stuff real? I haven’t heard any of this before. I thought it was all about a server. If half the stuff Schiff is saying is true, we’re up shit’s creek. Hope the White House has exculpatory evidence

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The tweet sat there collecting likes, comments, and retweets for quite some time before Mr. Lockhart wrote a follow-up tweet that said: “Ok maybe I made up the convo, but you know that’s exactly what they’re thinking.”

In all honesty, I can’t imagine any GOP Senator or any American in their right mind ever thinking or speaking that way over this laughable and embarrassing impeachment sham – Joe is obviously smoking crack and tweeting again.

Needless to say, Joe got an earful from conservatives about this tweet and he also heard from liberals as well.

“Leave the satire to us; we’ll leave the fake news to you.”

“Joe, with all due respect, stop. We have enough fabricating from the other side.”

“Did I tell you the one about the CNN analyst who spread a false narrative, watched it go viral, then waited 10 minutes to admit he made it all up? This is the bullshit that discredits news organizations.”

“Dammit. I thought it was real. I bet a lot of people do that don’t read the second part.”

“Yeah Joe ….so not cool to make something like this up. What a letdown.”

“And that is how they became known as fake news, the end.”

“That is so not cool Joe! Your tweet doesn’t have a hint of fiction or humor. Why in the F would you “make up a conversation? What purpose did it serve? It’s hard to stay focused with the GOP’s & Trump’s lies now you’re joining them!”

“This should get you fired.”

“When you package yourself as a serious person, you lose credibility when you play this type of twitter game. Be better!”

“E n e m y. O. F. T h e. P E O. P. L. E”

“Congratulations Joe, you succeeded in further eroding any speck of credibility that may be left in journalism. All you’ve done is make Trump stronger with your lie. Enjoy that.”

“Well,that’s pretty irresponsible from someone with a verified check mark.”

This type of irresponsible and unprofessional garbage has been happening non-stop for about 4 years now. So anyone out there who still can’t figure out why Americans despise and distrust the lying liberal media is obviously smoking crack with Joe.

If the media ever wants to get back in the good graces of the public – and at this point, I don’t even know if it’s possible – they’d need to start policing themselves and being honest about this nonsense. For example, this man should be fired and CNN should issue an apology and vow to do better. But will that happen? No, of course not because they’re not serious reporters…they’re anti-Trump activists masquerading as “reporters.”

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