Report: Benghazi Survivor “Trump’s Decisive Leadership Would Have Saved my Team”

Report: Benghazi Survivor “Trump’s Decisive Leadership Would Have Saved my Team”
Benghazi survivor Mark 'Oz' Geist wrote an amazing op-ed for Fox News.

Benghazi survivor Mark ‘Oz’ Geist wrote an amazing op-ed for Fox News.

He detailed his god-awful experience in Libya, thanks to Obama’s feckless and weak leadership.

Oz said the attack on our embassy in Baghdad and President Trump’s reaction is in no way comparable to what happened n Benghazi, Libya on Sept. 11, 2012.

He goes on to say, “I fought to defend the American diplomatic post and CIA annex in Benghazi for more than 13 hours against a determined, organized assault by dozens of Al Qaeda fanatics armed with belt-fed machine guns, rocket-propelled grenade launchers, and heavy mortars.”

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Oz then places the blame exactly where it belongs – at the feet of Obama and he praised Trump’s “decisive response” to the threats at our Baghdad embassy.

“The Obama administration’s mishandling of this attack — which resulted in the first murder of a U.S. ambassador in the line of duty since the 1970s — was a far cry from the Trump administration’s decisive response to threats against our embassy in Iraq.”

The basic facts should be enough to dismiss any serious comparison. My team and I were told to “stand down” no fewer than three times in the face of what the media later called “protesters” — even as Americans, including Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, were being killed and maimed by the terrorists. No U.S. military reaction force was sent, despite our numerous requests for help. Only by our own tenacity and courage were more than 30 Americans able to escape with our lives.

Compare that to the recent attack on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. When Iran-backed militias and their supporters stormed the embassy grounds and Iraqi forces refused to do their duty to defend American lives and property,

President Trump reacted forcefully. In roughly the same amount of time it took to the Obama administration to get an unarmed American drone over our heads as we fought for our lives in Benghazi, more than 100 U.S. Marines were on the scene to defend the Baghdad embassy and two Apache helicopter gunships were in the air asserting American sovereignty.[Fox News]

President Trump put the needs of our officials and military personnel above all else.

Meanwhile, back in 2012, Obama put his re-election needs first.

He was worried about “bad PR” for hs 2012 campaign against Mitt Romney if the Benghazi story got too big so he sat on it and people died…and then he tried to cover it up and bungled that as well.

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