Report: Meghan Markle Leaks Thinly Veiled Threat To Call Royal Family ‘Racist’ And ‘Sexist’

Report: Meghan Markle Leaks Thinly Veiled Threat To Call Royal Family ‘Racist’ And ‘Sexist’
Meghan Markle is a woman of dubious repute, who used to run an anonymous blog about her sexcapades in the entertainment business.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Reports coming from the United Kingdom indicate that Meghan Markle is now wielding the race card and the sex card in a sick and depraved attempt to get the Royal Family to bend to her iron will.

The couple could use the TV threat to try to secure a better deal at the Sandringham talks with the Queen, Prince Charles and Wills over their plans to step down from frontline royal duties.

A royal source said: “Harry and Meghan’s people have been reaching out to all the big US networks to explore the possibilities of a sit-down warts-and-all interview.

“Perhaps Harry and Meghan will use this as a negotiating tactic as there is no way the royals want their dirty laundry out in the open.

“Maybe they will get more money if they agree not to talk.”

The source said the couple want to “tell their side of the story” — adding: “Meghan feels she’s been silenced and is no longer prepared to be muted.

“She and Harry feel the royals have been racist and sexist. Her people are actively exploring opportunities.” [The Sun]

What an absolute disgrace. Shame on Prince Harry for marrying this wretched woman, and shame on the Royal Family for catering to her every whim. Meghan Markle is making these threats, and shamefully, Meghan Markle’s husband appears to be going along with the ride. The question needs to be asked. Is Prince Harry a simp?

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Source: Urban Dictionary

If these reports are to be believed, then Prince Harry is not a man. No man would subject his own mother and family to the vile and disgusting charges of racism and sexism. Meghan Markle appears to be leaking this threat to the press in order to achieve her dream of becoming a business mogul. I don’t believe for a second that she is doing this because the royal family and press have been “mean” to her. In fact, her mother has recently been seen leaving Oprah Winfrey’s house. Read between the lines.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could give a tell-all interview to their friend Oprah Winfrey if they do not get their way in showdown talks with the royal family at Sandringham, palace aides fear.

Meghan’s US PR team is thought to already be in contact with Oprah, as well as several American TV networks for a potential no-holds barred interview, where she and Harry could ‘sound off’ about the royal family’s ‘racism and sexism’.

Meghan’s mother Doria has also been seen leaving Oprah’s home.  [Daily Mail]

Meghan Markle’s husband cannot say “No” to this woman – he has been reduced to the status of stepping stone for the ambitions of his harpie wife.

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Meghan Markle is a woman of dubious repute, who used to run an anonymous blog about her sexcapades in the entertainment business.

Before marrying Harry on May 19, Markle spent years trying to break into the big time.

During 2006 and 2007, she appeared on Deal or No Deal as a briefcase model, posing in a skimpy red dress.

After playing bit parts in several series and TV movies, she landed her breakout Suits role in 2011.

In February, she was revealed as the author of a racy secret diary that detailed the struggles of a Tinseltown wannabe.

Markle called herself “The Working Actress” and used a silhouette of a director’s chair as the logo for her anonymous blog, which she started in 2010.

It was packed with naughty language and saucy confessions, including Markle dishing about her “magical boobs” and “lots of sex!”

The blog, which was deleted in 2012, also described how Markle was “hustling” for stardom. [Radar Online]

Prince Harry must not have gotten the memo: Never Simp.

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