[VIDEO] Pelosi Checks Notes to Recall Why She’s Mad at President Trump During Disastrous Presser  

[VIDEO] Pelosi Checks Notes to Recall Why She’s Mad at President Trump During Disastrous Presser  
It's time to drug test Pelosi

Slurring Speaker Pelosi delivered yet another incoherent press conference to discuss the sham impeachment of President Trump.

This latest presser has many people asking, “Seriously, what is wrong with Nancy Pelosi?”

She’s all over the map here and can’t even recall why she’s mad President Trump – she actually had to check her notes to remember why.

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In another clip (below) she’s rambling like an incoherent hobo and making no sense whatsoever.


The time has most definitely come for this woman to be drugged tested and also release her medical records.

This is the person who is trying to overturn the vote and voices of the American people and she can’t even hold a coherent thought or string a damn sentence together.

You can watch the videos below:

Republicans need to fight fire with fire. They can no longer sit back and hope these communist vultures “do the right thing” and follow the rules and respect the Constitution.

That simply isn’t going to happen.

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Pelosi must be called out for her inability to communicate properly. Her mental fitness is most assuredly in question.

We’ve seen video after video of this woman, who is leading the charge to undo an U.S. election, slur and stammer, making no sense at all.

It’s time to call her out and demand she submit to a drug test and provide her medical records.

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