[REPORT] Miami Taxpayers Just Got Hit With a $2.3 Million Bill for the Super Bowl

[REPORT] Miami Taxpayers Just Got Hit With a $2.3 Million Bill for the Super Bowl
Taxpayer's in Miami just received a huge bill for this year's swanky Super Bowl

Well, this is bound to get under the skin of most Miami residents.

A recent report by the Miami Herald shows that taxpayers in Miami-Dade county are getting hit with a massive bill for this year’s Super Bowl.

According to county receipts, $1 million will be spent on swanky rooms for players and $370,000 will cover an extravagant media party at the county-owned PortMiami.

After Super Bowl organizers booked $1 million worth of rooms for National Football League players at two pricey Miami hotels, Miami-Dade’s government got the bills.

Miami’s Super Bowl Host Committee recently sent invoices totaling $1 million to the county’s budget office from the J.W. Marriott Marquis hotel downtown and Aventura’s Turnberry resort to cover an NFL requirement for subsidized rooms provided to players earning millions for teams owned by billionaires.

Miami-Dade’s budget director said the county agreed to cover the hotel rooms as part of a $4 million contribution to the local Super Bowl effort, one of many tax-funded concessions to the most popular and wealthy sports league in the country. [Miami Herald]

The report also mentions another whopping $1 million will also come out of taxpayers’ pockets as a “gift” to the NFL.

Another significant cost center for local Super Bowl organizers is the NFL itself. The Host Committee recently sent Miami-Dade a Jan. 7 invoice from the NFL for $1 million. Marked PAID in ink, the bill included a handwritten notation “Bid Requirements.” Moon said the county would cover that cost as part of an agreement to reimburse portions of the money the committee is required to give the league. “We know they have an obligation to pay the NFL,” Moon said. [Miami Herald]

A $1 million gift to the NFL?

Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous?

Don’t you think the NFL should be paying for a majority of this themselves, instead of paying their player’s exorbitant wages while many of them “take a knee” on the field?

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