[VIDEO] Patriotic American Blasts Liberal Media For Claiming #VirginiaRally Filled With “White Nationalists” 

[VIDEO] Patriotic American Blasts Liberal Media For Claiming #VirginiaRally Filled With “White Nationalists” 
Does this patriotic American look like a "white nationalist" to you?

Does this patriotic American look like a “white nationalist” to you?

No, of course not.

That’s what the media wants you to believe – they want you to think that everyone who is descending upon Virginia today for the Pro-2A rally is a “white nationalist.”

Ironically, the governor of VA is either a KKK costume-wearing bigot or a blackface-wearing bigot. He won’t tell us which one was him though.

As a matter of fact, an NBC reporter was pushing that very message on his Twitter just last night.

Ben Collins was ridiculed to the point where he had to actually delete the tweet, however, many others in the fake news media have been pushing this message in one way, shape or form.

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But that fake news story couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Will there be some unsavory characters at the rally? Of course, there are kooks and hatemongers on both sides of the aisle, we should all know that by now.

But today’s #VirginiaRally is not about race. It’s about RIGHTS.

And that’s exactly what this amazing and patriotic black American stated. It’s not about color, because a vast variety of Americans care about the Second Amendment.

It’s not just “white people,” and to say that is so demeaning and insulting to all Americans.

You can watch the video below:

The Second Amendment is for everyone. It’s our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. It’s not for “hunting” or even protecting your house.

The reason the #2A exists is to save yourself and your country from a tyrannical government – just like the one you see right now in Virginia, led by Governor Ralph “Blackface/KKK” Northam – the man who wants to murder babies the moment that they’re born.

But isn’t it just like the Democrats to want to divide Americans on an issue so many of us, from all walks of life and political parties, can agree on?

Just like anyone who went against Hillary was “Russian” and anybody who goes against Joe Biden is a “bot” or “Russian” as well.

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It’s amazing to me what little regard and respect the Democrats give to the American people. That’s why it’s so easy for them to try and silence us and erase our vote with this sham impeachment.

What the Dems have done in Virginia has awakened a sleeping giant. You don’t mess with our Constitutional rights – especially the #2A. Americans have fought and died for these rights and we will not allow a bunch of tyrannical communists to take them away.

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