#TrumpCurse: Anti-Trump Rapper “YG” Just Arrested on Robbery Charges

#TrumpCurse: Anti-Trump Rapper “YG” Just Arrested on Robbery Charges
Anti-Trump rapper "YG" was just arrested for robbery and suspected murder

The #TrumpCurse is alive and well and setting things straight all over the place.

The latest wrongdoer to get an attitude adjustment from the infamous curse is vulgar rapper “YG.”

He’s the artist who wrote and performed the song “FDT” which stands for “F*ck Donald Trump.”

YG is also the artist who dragged a Trump supporter out of his crowd and mocked and verbally abused him on stage before throwing him off.

You can watch that video below:

Well, turns out YG is in some very hot legal water. As a matter of fact, he was arrested on robbery charges.

Oh, and bonus…YG was arrested just days before his big appearance at the Grammy’s!

But things could actually be getting even hotter for the angry troubled rapper.

Turns out the police are also reportedly looking at him as a suspect in a murder case.

It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

Rapper YG, short for Young Gangster, had Los Angeles County Sheriff deputies arrived at the rapper’s home this morning, as police say they have a search and arrest warrant related to a robbery case, according to TMZ.

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The Sheriff’s department reportedly said they were close to cracking a murder case that has YG as a suspect, as the rapper’s van was involved in a police chase across Los Angeles that sadly ended in the death of a 65-year-old man biking through the city.

It’s currently unclear if the raid is related to the case.

The behavior from YG, though, contradicts his public persona as a virtuous and highly moral person. Take for example the strong moral stance YG takes on the song “FDT,” short for Fuck Donald Trump.

Though the song is in line with the popular opinion of most rappers, YG took it one step further when he infamously publicly shamed then-17-year-old Austin Joyner at one of his concerts for refusing to yell the catchy chorus to his song. The boy, named Keenon Jackson, believes that he was singled out and brought on stage for his staying silent while the rest of the crowd chanted “Fuck Trump.” [Post Millennial]

Let this be a lesson to everyone – don’t try and play “high and mighty” moral police and attack President Trump or his supporters because the #TrumpCurse will find you and settle up.

In all seriousness, the hypocrisy from these Trump-hating leftists is sickening, isn’t it?

Glad to see them getting their comeuppance. Long overdue.

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