[VIDEO] CNN’s Toobin Sadly Declares That ‘Trump Won’ the Impeachment Battle

[VIDEO] CNN’s Toobin Sadly Declares That ‘Trump Won’ the Impeachment Battle
CNN's Toobin faces the music and admits that Trump has emerged victorious yet again

Whether they want to admit it or not, the left has screwed up royally with this impeachment sham.

They took a big gamble and unfortunately for them, this impeachment has only added more fuel to Trump’s 2020 campaign.

As Tucker correctly said, impeachment had made Trump stronger.

Now that he’s survived both the Mueller probe and this sham impeachment, Trump has shown he can take anything the Democrats can dish out and actually turn it to his advantage.

As a matter of fact, CNN just released an opinion piece stating this very fact, which was titled “After surviving Mueller and impeachment, Trump more emboldened than ever as he fights for reelection.”

Here’s a small snippet from the article:

President Donald Trump is set to shed the cloud of impeachment and emerge potentially stronger than ever.

He pressured Ukraine to help his campaign, but will almost certainly be acquitted of abusing his powers. He defied congressional subpoenas but likely will be acquitted of obstructing Congress. And looking back, he undermined the Russia investigation, but was immune from criminal charges. He hasn’t even released his tax returns yet, though other candidates and presidents have done so for decades.

Over and over, Trump has done things that it seems like only he could get away with. And in the process, he’s changed the game in terms of what a president can do, smashing norms and ignoring traditions along the way. [CNN]

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And this writer for CNN isn’t the only one admitting Trump’s victory, as Jeffrey Toobin was forced to admit last night after the vote for witnesses was shot down 51/49, he declared that “Trump won” adding “You know, he’s gonna win this trial. He won on the issue of witnesses, he’s gonna get acquitted, and that’s how history will remember what went on here.”

Watch the video:

It’s so awesome to see the left deal with yet another Trump victory, it’s really like 2016 all over again.

Of course, they’ll pound their fists and whine about this and that not being fair, but at the end of the day Trump and America still WON.

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