Report: Alyssa Milano’s Netflix Series Canceled After Only Two Dismal Seasons #TrumpCurse

Report: Alyssa Milano’s Netflix Series Canceled After Only Two Dismal Seasons #TrumpCurse
Karma and the #TrumpCurse all in one shot!

Many movies and shows are filmed in Georgia.

Remember when Alyssa Milano tried to launch a massive boycott against Georgia and bring down that industry over GA being a pro-life state?

Well, paybacks are a you-know-what, because now Alyssa, whose Netflix series “Insatiable” was filmed in Atlanta, was just canceled after two dismal seasons.

That’s a dose of KARMA and #TrumpCurse all in one!

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Netflix has thrown its dark comedy “Insatiable” into the trash bin after two seasons.

The Atlanta-produced show, starring Debby Ryan as a formerly fat teen-ager who sought revenge upon her enemies, received major negative feedback before it even debuted in 2018 over issues of fat shaming.

The reviews from critics were harsh as well but Netflix surprised a lot of folks in the industry when it renewed the show for a second season in 2019. Netflix doesn’t release ratings in a regular fashion so it was hard to tell how popular the show really was.

Nonetheless, season two came and went with no buzz whatsoever.

Alyssa Milano, who was on the cast, confirmed the show’s ending earlier this month on social media. []

Here’s the trailer for the series:

Hopefully, this will serve as a lesson to these Hollywood nitwits to keep their SJW yaps shut, and just act.

Nobody cares about their opinions – which are wrong about 99.9% of the time.

I don’t know how much more loudly the American people can get this message through to these smug Hollywood elites.

Just look at the Oscars ratings – they were the lowest in the HISTORY of the Oscars. Why? Because we’re sick of watching rich, pampered celebrities lecture the rest of us on how to live, think, speak and vote.

Worry about your own Hollywood backyards that are filled with rapes and child molestations and we’ll take care of ours!


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