[VIDEO] Pelosi’s Daughter Says Her Mother Was Acting Just Like an “Italian Grandma” at SOTU

[VIDEO] Pelosi’s Daughter Says Her Mother Was Acting Just Like an “Italian Grandma” at SOTU
According to the Pelosi family, Italian Nona's are emotionally unstable, vindictive lunatics.

According to the Pelosi family, Italian Nona’s are emotionally unstable, vindictive lunatics.

That’s the excuse the family is trotting out now, after backlash from Pelosi’s “speech ripping” pre-planned stunt at President Trump’s wildly successful State of the Union speech.

Besides the fact that Pelosi tore up the speech, it was also her insanely weird facial expressions and muttering to herself that raised more than a few eyebrows.

So now, Team Pelosi is in “damage control” mode and Pelosi’s combative daughter (the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree) appeared on Fox News where things got heated as she attempted to shrug-off her batty mother’s behavior.

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You can watch the video below (comments start around the 1:30 mark, but the entire interview is worth watching):

Also, partial transcript:

MACCALLUM: You know, I think first of all I just want to get your reaction when you saw the speaker rip up those pages, very intentionally — you know, one, two, three in front of the cameras. What was your reaction? Did you know she was going to do that?

C. PELOSI: No idea she was going to do that. I think Nancy Pelosi is a wonderful person, I know she prays daily, including for the president, including for the country, as we’ve talked before.

And in watching that — her reaction to that speech, I thought to myself, that’s an Italian grandma move. I saw my grandmother do that years ago in her kitchen when there was a guest who had been at my grandfather’s house — very rude to him.

She just simply picked up the person’s plate without comment, went into the kitchen, we heard a little crashing sound. She threw the plate away, came back, sat down and didn’t say another word.

So to me, I thought, that’s —

MACCALLUM: You thought it was appropriate?

C. PELOSI: — that’s an Italian grandma — well I thought it was an Italian grandma move. I think that’s —

Any Italian Grandma’s I’ve known have been strong and stoic, not batty and deranged.

To think this was the “story” they came up with to try and explain away this outrageous and calculated stunt she pulled shows how deeply in the weeds and desperate they are.


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