[VIDEO] Joe Biden Tells Crowd He’s a Candidate For The “United States Senate”

[VIDEO] Joe Biden Tells Crowd He’s a Candidate For The “United States Senate”
Oh, Joe, it's time to go home and have a cup of soup and a nap.

Oh boy, just when we thought Uncle Joe was launching a comeback he goes and blows it again.

During a speaking engagement in South Carolina, confused Uncle Joe told the crowd to “look him over” and if they like what they see, vote for him.

Okay, that sounds good, right?

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Well, things quickly went south…

Biden then told the crowd that his name was “Joe Biden” (phew, he got that right), and then went on to say that he was a “candidate for the United States Senate.”

Oh no, Joe…

Poor old Joe, he’s just not ready for prime-time.

If this keeps up, Comrade Bernie – the “Middle-Class bulldozer”  is a shoo-in.

You can watch the video below:

I really don’t understand why his family allows this disaster to keep going on.

I am no fan of creepy Joe; I think he’s an evil globalist politician, so if someone like me can actually feel “sorry for him” imagine how bad things have gotten?

Can you imagine this bungling man on a debate stage with President Trump?

He’d need a white flag, so he could wave it when things got too tough.


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