Jordan Peterson Seeks “Emergency” Detox Treatment In Russia After Failing To Kick Drug Addiction

Jordan Peterson Seeks “Emergency” Detox Treatment In Russia After Failing To Kick Drug Addiction
Jordan Peterson almost died several times in Russia. Send him your thoughts and prayers.

Jordan Peterson’s daughter revealed yesterday that her father has just completed four weeks of emergency detox treatment in Moscow, Russia. The self-help conservative was suffering from a vicious addiction to anti-anxiety medication.

After catching pneumonia, he had to spend four weeks in intensive care. He nearly died several times. Let’s hope that Jordan Peterson takes his own advice, finds Jesus Christ, and recovers from this vicious drug addiction with the help of God. When someone is this far gone, only God can perform the miracle necessary to help them. Jordan, if you’re reading this, we are praying for you to surrender into the arms of Almighty God, through Jesus Christ, our savior.

Jordan Peterson’s family says he has sought “emergency” drug detox treatment in Russia, after several failed attempts to overcome his dependence on a potent anti-anxiety medication.

The controversial University of Toronto psychology professor and internationally famous self-help guru is said to have been in a Moscow hospital for the past month, recovering from both the “incredibly gruelling” treatment and a severe case of pneumonia.

“He’s had to spend four weeks in the ICU in terrible shape, but, with the help of some extremely competent and courageous doctors, he survived,” his daughter Mikhaila Peterson said in an online video, posted Friday evening. “The uncertainty around his recovery has been one of the most difficult and scary experiences we’ve ever had.”

The 57-year-old professor has been out of the public eye since September, when it was first disclosed by his daughter that he was seeking treatment for his dependence on clonazepam, a benzodiazepine tranquilizer that is often prescribed to patients with panic issues.

His family says he had been taking the drug for years to mitigate lingering anxiety following a severe autoimmune reaction to food. His dependence reportedly started last spring after doctors increased his dosage to help him cope with stress as his wife Tammy battled kidney cancer. [CBC]

This just goes to show that without God, even a psychologist and self-help guru with a massive viral following can succumb to the temptations and lies of Satan. As a matter of fact, anyone facing any kind of life problem, not just addiction, can get down on their knees and surrender their problems and personal issues to the mercy of our ever-loving God.

“The decision to bring him to Russia was made in extreme desperation, when we couldn’t find any better option,” his daughter said, referencing “several” failed treatment attempts in North American hospitals, where doctors tried to slowly taper Peterson off the medication. The nature of the therapy that Peterson has been receiving in Moscow isn’t clear. And his daughter declined to provide more details when contacted by CBC News.

“My family has put a stop to any more information,” she wrote. “When dad’s ready, he’ll start talking about details.” [CBC]

Jordan Peterson had a very emotional interview a few months ago, where he broke down on camera while discussing his emotional issues and drug addiction.

Jordan Peterson was clearly not in the best mental state to do an interview. It’s good that he’s sought help, and I hope he can kick this drug addiction. You can watch the rest of that emotional interview here:

It turned out that Jordan Peterson became suicidal after having a bad drug reaction. He almost died several times in Russia. Send him your thoughts and prayers. The full and complete update from Jordan Peterson’s daughter can be seen here.


It is now time to send our thoughts and prayers to Jordan Peterson and his family

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