Opinion: After Impeachment, Leftist Negative Media Will Return To Portraying POTUS In Bad Light For Election

Opinion: After Impeachment, Leftist Negative Media Will Return To Portraying POTUS In Bad Light For Election
People have short memories. It's up to Trump to remind them of these lies. The State Of The Union would be a great place to do it.

The fake news that most gets under my skin are when they say things like “Trump is dangerous to the country,” or “Trump will destroy America.”

The truth is exactly opposite that. According to many voters, Trump is the best president we have ever had. The country is doing better now than it ever has. The only existential threat is the continued viability of the Democrat party. His negative poll numbers are a result of the negative media, which looks for negative stories to give negative outcomes to sway public opinion.

What amazes me is that these leftist baffoons that dominate the Democrat party and media think they are fooling us.

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The incredibly idiotic fake impeachment should mean embarrassment and shame for the Democrats and their media. Still, instead, they double down on stupidity with rage hatred and TDS and expect us to think it is all brilliant.

Unfortunately, they are still fooling roughly 50% of the public. They would like to tip the scales in their favor; that’s why they are not giving up. Fortunately, because of Trump, the other side is not giving up now either. Had any other Republican won, they would already have given up and thrown in the towel.

The endpoint of this farce of American politics is that character pathology rules in our leaders and people of influence!

The lesson is, you need a thick-skinned malignant narcissist like Trump to expose the sociopathy of the Left, and now that we’re all witnessing it, it’s sad that outside of America, other people in the world get to witness how perversely pathological American society has become.

And so many people who write threads like this reveal their extreme partisan pandering opportunistic insensitive attitudes: Trump is Great, Trump sucks; always polarized, always extremist, never moderated, never responsibly debated!

We have the electorate and leadership we deserve, a bunch of characterologically flawed, insensitive uncaring pieces of sloth who will screw over the country if they have a moment of any opportunity, and most of you here; you cheer this crap on.

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Many believe Pres. Trump is a divine intervention for the American people. He laughs at the media and Democrats in the Senate and House every day, because he is doing his job for us, not them. They can’t stand that his feathers remain unruffled. He is truly a patriot.

People must be held accountable for the claims that they make. Misrepresenting facts is easy when news outlets are: taken at their word, use inadequate sources, and make unsubstantiated claims.

To hold news outlets accountable, they should be expected to cite the sources for every claim that they make, as well as why they are relevant. For written stories, their claims should be written in a list that is easy to verify at the end. Also, since some people may not want to be referenced, anonymous claims should be allowed but emphasized to indicate that they may not be trustworthy.

Wikipedia is a horrible source for trustworthy information, but their sourcing of materials allows people to cross-examine an article if they want to.

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People have short memories. It’s up to Trump to remind them of these lies. The State Of The Union would be a great place to do it. I agree with Steve Bannon – Trump should delay his speech until after the vote – until after the fifty Democrats are thru with their 12 hours or caterwauling before they vote.

Dems make the rules, then they change them, and the MSM goes along. We need to start making the rules.

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