[VIDEO] Democrat Voters Call Into C-Span Furious Over Pelosi and Dems Behavior “They Hate Our Country!”

[VIDEO] Democrat Voters Call Into C-Span Furious Over Pelosi and Dems Behavior “They Hate Our Country!”
The phone lines over at C-Span were lit up with furious Democrat voters who shredded Pelosi and Company for hating America

The rage from Democrat voters over the disgusting display from Pelosi and Company was on display over at C-Span, who were taking live calls from viewers watching the State of the Union.

And boy oh boy, people were smokin’ hot mad.

Democrats voters were calling in shredding Pelosi and Democrats for their disgusting behavior.

One woman said she was a registered Democrat but she’s not voting Democrat anymore – not after what she saw during the #SOTU.

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Here are some highlights of the type of comments C-Span was getting:

“Our Democrat Party has been stolen by communists…”

“I am literally disgusted with Pelosi…”

“There are groups like us. Minorities that support Trump…”

“C-SPAN is lit. Dem callers are turning on their own party in droves after Pelosi’s embarrassing display at the #SOTU”

You can watch the videos below:

And while Americans are calling in and voicing their opinions over this partisan disgusting behavior, Democrats are doubling down and vowing to keep investigating President Trump.

See, it’s not that Democrats don’t hear their voters and understand what they’re saying…it’s just that they don’t care.

All they want is power and President Trump is standing in their way.


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