Pelosi Loses Big Time When Twitter and Facebook Deny Her Request to Remove ‘Embarrassing Video’

Pelosi Loses Big Time When Twitter and Facebook Deny Her Request to Remove ‘Embarrassing Video’
Pelosi just lost to Trump AGAIN, folks!

Pelosi just can’t stop losing.

She’s lost the impeachment trial, along with her sanity and soon the Democrats will suffer a stunning defeat in November.

And now she just lost again to Trump.

According to reports, Pelosi’s office had requested that Facebook and Twitter remove a video President Trump shared of the Speaker tearing up his speech at SOTU, but only this time, each tear of paper collided with the individuals Trump honored during his speech.

Their argument is that the video is “misleading” and demanded that Twitter/Facebook remove the video.

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But unfortunately for Pelosi, that request was denied, with Facebook and Twitter citing that the video doesn’t violate their policies.

Stone told CNBC that the video did not violate Facebook’s policies. He added that the company’s policies against altered video refer to video that has been edited to make it appear that a person said something they didn’t say or do something they didn’t do.

Taking this into account, and considering that Pelosi did not rip up Trump’s speech at any moment shown in the edited video on social media, it is difficult to understand how Facebook can claim that the video does not violate their policies.

Twitter also declined to take down the video under its current rules. However, the company announced a new policy on synthetic and manipulated media this week, which is set to go into effect on March 5. The new policy prohibits the sharing of “synthetic or manipulated media that are likely to cause harm” on the social network. [Gizmodo]

Nice try Pelosi, but no dice.

This is hilarious to see Pelosi fighting to take down Trump, but literally failing at every turn.

You almost feel bad for her.


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