[VIDEO] Trump Surrogate Steve Bannon Humiliates Bill Maher On His Own Show

[VIDEO] Trump Surrogate Steve Bannon Humiliates Bill Maher On His Own Show
Liberal media hacks are deathly afraid of allowing populist, conservative, pro-Trump patriots onto their news programs, because they know that will be badly embarrassed.

The liberal media exploded into hysterics again this Friday night after prominent Trump supporter and former adviser Steve Bannon “outdueled and embarrassed” liberal clown Bill Maher on his TV show, Real Time.

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Liberal media ghoul Marlow Stern led the outrage mob, crying out in The Daily Beast, “Steve Bannon Outduels and Embarrasses Bill Maher on Real Time.”

Following an impeachment-heavy monologue (“I feel like Nancy Pelosi’s copy of the State of the Union…”), and calling it Trump’s “best week ever” following his acquittal by the Senate, Maher welcomed Bannon

First question? “I’m not gonna lie about it, your boy had the best week so far.” (Yes, that was really the opening question.)

After allowing Bannon to gloat a bit, Maher—referring to Bannon as a “student of history”—interjected, asking, whether anything this week in Trumpworld bothered him, including the firing of Vindman, calling Romney a “suppressive person” (Maher’s words), bragging about how he wouldn’t have been in office if he hadn’t fired FBI Director Comey, etc.

“We should’ve had a longer impeachment. We should’ve had Bolton, we should’ve had Mulvaney…witnesses, let ‘em get crossed, but we get the whistleblower, we get the second whistleblower, we get Schiff as a factor in this, let’s get it all out.” said Bannon, adding, that this is “about going after the office of the president,” and if Bernie gets elected, the “neoliberal, neocon national-security apparatus” will go after him, too.

Bannon also rambled on about Crossfire Hurricane, the FBI investigation into links between the Trump campaign and Russia—forwarding the (debunked) right-wing conspiracy theory that the investigation was politically motivated—but Maher instead changed the subject, and instead of breaking down and exposing Bannon’s arguments for how empty they are, chose to focus on Trump’s bad words, and Bannon successfully steered the talk elsewhere, as is his wont.

They agreed that Trump will “run the table” and be re-elected, and that the Democrats are incredibly “arrogant,” and that Hillary “should have gone to Wisconsin,” but lightly tussled over the merits of the Electoral College.

And Bannon, playing three-dimensional chess, admitted that he likes Bernie because he’s a “populist,” and that Bernie’s been “screwed by the Democratic Party,” to which Maher politely agreed. The two then shared some laughs going at it over the debt, discussed the silly names Trump’s called Bannon (he deflected once more), and then Maher allowed Bannon to deliver his closing statement, uninterrupted, before remarking, “I wish we had someone on our side as evil as you, Steve.” Pathetic.

Maher has made it plainly clear that he is unequipped to handle such incendiary figures on his program. So, why does he do it? Ratings? Controversy? Or both? [The Daily Beast]

Globalist cosmopolitan media charlatans, like liberal hack Marlow Stern, are low-watt, dim-bulb sissies. They are deathly afraid of allowing populist, conservative, pro-Trump patriots onto their news programs, because they know that will be badly embarrassed.

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Maybe Marlow Stern and his ilk ought to think more about how they can come up a plan for America that doesn’t involve turning boys into transgenders, subjecting them to Drag Queen Story Hours, flooding the nation with illegal invaders who drive down wages and abuse public services, and turning our girls into self-centered harlots who constantly abort their own children.

The Democratic nattering ninnies were out in full force, complaining on Twitter about Bill Maher inviting an “evil fascist Nazi Hitler-lover racist sexist misogynist homophobic transphobic Islamophobic Trump supporter” onto his show.

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You can watch the full video here. It really is a terrific interview that showcases just why Steve Bannon was such a crucial adviser for President Trump during the 2016 election. Enjoy:

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