All the Highlights and Best Twitter Reactions From “Greatest #SOTU Address” Ever Given

All the Highlights and Best Twitter Reactions From “Greatest #SOTU Address” Ever Given
President Trump delivered the most amazing #SOTU address ever.

President Trump delivered the most amazing #SOTU address ever.

His entrance was as epic and amazing as you’d imagine.

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Even CNN enjoyed it.

Many people are saying President Trump snubbed Speaker Pelosi’s attempt at a handshake.

But truthfully it looks like he just didn’t see her reach out.

I’ll tell you who was missing…RBG. By the way, ACB stands for “Amy Coney Barrett.”

The Democrat women all wore white again. I’m shocked they didn’t show up in “Handmaids” outfits, to be honest.

The list of President Trump’s accomplishments is staggering. Truly impressive beyond words.

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When President Trump was listing just his economic accomplishments it was an endless stream of winning benefits for American workers.

President Trump calls it the “Blue Colar Boom,” because our American working class is benefiting the most from Trump’s soaring economy.

Of course, the Democrats, who don’t care about working-class Americans did not applaud the fact that the middle-class is finally back. Instead, they sat there stone-faced and angry.

Many of the Dems didn’t listen to the address, they sat on their phones instead.

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However, one Democrat did stand up and clap her heart out … a lot.

President Trump talked about socialism – the Democrats agenda. His quote was beautiful and strikes at the heart of who we are as a country.

“Socialism destroys nations, but always remember freedom unifies the soul.”

Pelosi didn’t have a good night. She looks like an evil woman who was just destroyed.

When President Trump called out California’s sanctuary city nightmare, Pelosi looked distraught.

President Trump gave a little 4th-grade girl a scholarship to go to whatever school she wants, made funds available to help sick kids, and brought a serviceman home to surprise his family in the gallery of the House.

At the end of the speech, Speaker Pelosi angrily ripped up a copy of President Trump’s speech and chucked it on the table.

Pelosi responded to ripping up the speech:

Bitter Nancy aside, this was President Trump’s finest moment.

And his next finest moment is tomorrow at 4:00 pm when this sham impeachment is over. And speaking of that…President Trump did not even mention the word “impeachment.”

We’re not tired of winning!


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