[VIDEO] ‘It Makes Me Crazy’ Katie Couric Goes on a Rant Against Fox News and Their Viewers

[VIDEO] ‘It Makes Me Crazy’ Katie Couric Goes on a Rant Against Fox News and Their Viewers
Katie Couric went on a rant against Fox News and their viewers

Well, it turns out former NBC “Today” show host Katie Couric is currently suffering from a case of Trump derangement disorder.

Considering she worked at NBC for years this doesn’t come as too big of a shock…

During a recent conference, Couric went on a small rant against Fox News, saying the new station “shocks” her and watching it makes her “crazy.”

But then she took it a little more personal and targeted the viewers, stating that “they are not actually understanding facts and truth.”

“Sometimes I watch Fox just to see how they’re covering things. And I don’t know why I’m shocked every time I watch it, but it’s just an alternate universe,” Couric said. “And it is crazy to me. And anyway, it just, it makes me crazy.”

Shepherd checked Couric’s comment by stating that the network does get lots of viewership. Couric went on to point out why she thinks that makes Fox’s coverage even more problematic.

“They’re getting affirmation not information. As a result, they are not actually understanding facts and truth,” Couric said of Fox viewers. “I mean, if you want to talk about fake news, that’s state-run television really.” [Yahoo News]

Doesn’t this sound a bit like the pundits on Don Lemon’s show from a few weeks back?

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Like we’re just dumb hillbillies, living in an alternate reality, feeding off any information Fox News chooses to give us without question?

But according to this panel discussing Fox News with Couric, the viewers are actually so daft, that it’s amazing they have the right to vote.

“I think the kind of strange thing about living in America is that you can be uninformed and also vote,” Shepherd stated. “You can be wrong and vote for something.” [Yahoo News]

Watch the video:

This criticism is so completely off the mark, and it’s really indicative of just how far removed elite liberals like Couric are removed from average Americans.

If the liberal media keeps on this path, their own viewership is going to keep spiraling downwards.

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