[VIDEO] Biden’s Teeth Almost Fall Out of His Mouth During Last Night’s Victory Speech

[VIDEO] Biden’s Teeth Almost Fall Out of His Mouth During Last Night’s Victory Speech
Looks like his wits aren't the only things coming loose

This guy is an absolute disaster.

Everyday Biden’s physical and mental state seems to decay.

It’s actually getting hard to watch…

But this video is pretty fun to watch as Biden desperately tries to stuff his dentures back in his mouth while giving his victory speech after winning the Michigan, Missouri, and Mississippi primaries.

Watch the video:

And this isn’t the first time Biden has had an issue with his teeth.

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The comments on Twitter were, of course, hilarious and here are some of the best ones:

“I like how his wife looks at him as if to say ‘shit- here we go again’ the minute she heard him fumbling over his words”


“First signs of dementia, erratic outbursts of aggression. He has that in spades. Cognitive and speech issues. Definitely. The Crypt Keeper had more ups than Biden.”


“Look at Jill whip her head around. Or his sister…I get the two confused.”


“Fortunately his teeth are the least he has to worry about. Somebody with some sense should have never let him run for President under obvious dementia problems. Typical politics especially Dems for all they want is power to dictate.”

These users are right, Biden should not be running for president with the obvious health issues he’s dealing with.

His family should be ashamed of themselves for allowing him to go through this torture.

H/T Breitbart

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