Report: Expert Predicts Very Good Economic Outlook After We Get Through Coronavirus

Report: Expert Predicts Very Good Economic Outlook After We Get Through Coronavirus
A noted investor takes an optimistic stance.

A noted investor in the Mid-Atlantic region, a man with a vast knowledge of real world economics and the market, talked to LifeZette Friday morning on the potential economic impact of the coronavirus. As opposed to some analysts, he was optimistic that the economy could recover and recover soundly. He preferred anonymity for personal reasons.

His analysis is that, given advances in medical science and in the biotech industry, the virus could start to dissipate in “two to three weeks.”

He noted that “the fundamentals of the economy were good, until this.” He further noted that he is confident in the endgame because “bright intelligent people are doing their best and their best is pretty good.”

This individual commented that the “situation is fluid” and that one worry is that “the policy response will result in increased debt and that could downgrade U.S. bonds.” He said that 30-year U.S. Treasury bonds are discounted right now and that the Treasury is even talking about issuing 50-year bonds.

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The potential investment climate currently shows strategic opportunity, he said, and people may “look back and say ‘wish I’d bought it [investments] when it was stupid cheap.” In that regard, he also notes that stocks like ExxonMobil are yielding 10% and ConocoPhillips is yielding 6%.

Per the situation in the world, specifically Italy, he commented, “The American healthcare system is of a higher quality than the Italian system,” and thus the prognosis here is likely not to be anywhere near as dire.

LifeZette is talking to individuals across economic fields to get an accurate picture of the economic impact of the virus. While there have been some who have counseled a worst-case scenario and general despair, the majority of the analysts and economists LifeZette has spoken to have shown cautious optimism in regards to the short- and medium-term recovery potential of the economy.


Many hope they are right.

This piece was written by PoliZette Staff on March 20, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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