Report: You Absolutely Won’t Believe How Harry Told His Family He and Meghan Were Quitting the Royals

Report: You Absolutely Won’t Believe How Harry Told His Family He and Meghan Were Quitting the Royals
Harry, please, will you grow a set?

Serious question: Does the prince formerly known as Harry have a spine?

It certainly doesn’t seem like he does – and that may explain some of the more “questionable” decisions that have occurred over the past couple of years.

One of the most notable was his decision (or Meghan’s decision) to ditch the Royals in order to chase Meghan’s “Hollywood dreams.”

It certainly has changed the trajectory of many things, including his father’s recent COVID-19 diagnosis. Harry was “forbidden” to travel to the UK to show support for his father.

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Then, just a few days later the pair fled Canada and headed for the Corona hotspot of Los Angeles so Meghan could he closer to her “PR TEAM.”


But what’s really crazy is HOW Harry decided to tell his family that he and Meghan were quitting the Royals.

A new report out says that Harry did the dirty deed by EMAIL.

Good lord, Harry, grow a set, will ya?

PRINCE HARRY told his father and grandmother by email that he and Meghan wanted to step down as senior royals according to an insider.

A report in the Daily Mail claims the Sussexes decided to announce their departure by an email to senior royal members. The paper claims this lead the Queen and Charles to intervene, asking the Duke not to rush into any decision on his future.

A source told the Mail: “They understood that he and Meghan wanted something different and were willing to help but it was complicated.

“There were issues like security and funding, visas and tax, which neither of them had thought through. Harry was told to put his request in writing and come up with some ideas.

“He thought his family were stonewalling and decided to push the nuclear button.”

Harry on return to the UK after an extended Christmas holiday in Canada requested a meet with his senior aides at Frogmore Cottage.

Allegedly they pleaded with him not to announce the news to the public, as they feared the backlash.

“They didn’t even have clue what the term financially independent meant,” said another insider.

“Unfortunately he was just too stubborn, blinkered and bitter to see sense.

“He believed he was being forced to play second fiddle to William when it was he and Meghan who had the star power. [Express]

Ya know, if you believe in Karma (which I do) the good things you do and the bad things you do will come back on you.

Harry’s weakness is no excuse for the turmoil and heartache he caused his family.

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He’s turned control of his life over to an opportunistic woman with Hollywood on the brain and that has left his family in the dust.

That’s not good and sadly if he doesn’t pull it together that will come back on him tenfold.



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