Opinion: Hollywood Liberals Were Hoping Coronavirus Would be Trump’s Demise…But Ironically It’s Destroying Them

Opinion: Hollywood Liberals Were Hoping Coronavirus Would be Trump’s Demise…But Ironically It’s Destroying Them
Be careful what you wish for, Liberals...

The coronavirus has officially hit U.S. shores and you best believe that liberals are using it as a way to undermine Trump.

Heck, they’ll use anything to attack him, even the weather.

The virus is certainly having negative impacts on the economy and, thanks to the media, is causing widespread hysteria.

But there’s one positive that’s come out of this and it’s that Hollywood is suffering big time from the illness.

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Hollywood hasn’t been doing too hot for several years now but amidst the coronavirus madness, the illness is wreaking havoc with efforts to launch major movies and shows.

As coronavirus continues its deadly march across the globe, the outbreak is wreaking havoc with Hollywood’s efforts to launch major movies and shows. In the process, companies are asking employees to delay work trips to countries such as China, Japan, Italy and South Korea, the regions that have been the most affected by the disease, and they are scuttling promotional campaigns for several upcoming blockbusters.

Studios have already cancelled plans for China premieres for films such as Disney’s “Mulan” and the James Bond adventure “No Time to Die” — moves that could cost those movies tens of millions in box office revenue. Sony’s “Bloodsport” was also expected to screen in China, but that release date remains up in the air. Most of these films hadn’t gotten the official word from Chinese authorities that they would be allowed to screen in the country, but there’s little chance that will come any time soon, as movie theaters in China remain closed. There are also indications that several upcoming movies such as “Mulan,” “The Grudge,” and “Onward” will delay their release in Italy, where the number of cases recently jumped to 400. No major U.S. films will debut in the country this weekend. Globally, the disease, named COVID-19, has infected over 82,500 people and killed 2,810. Healthcare experts expect that number to climb as coronavirus continues to spread to other parts of the world. [Variety]

It’s ironic, liberal actors like Patricia Arquette were hoping the coronavirus would be Trump’s demise, but sadly it’s been their own.

That’s some serious karma!

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