Report: Senate Dems Block Republican Efforts To Ease Economic Woes Of Americans During Coronavirus Crisis

Report: Senate Dems Block Republican Efforts To Ease Economic Woes Of Americans During Coronavirus Crisis
Pelosi is an enemy of America she still wants to instill her hate filled politics into what should be a non brainer partisan response to a crisis. If a foreign power attacked America Pelosi would still be on the side of the attacker rather than America

I think we need a whole new congress. This one is defective.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the top Democrat in Congress, said her party planned to introduce its bill. No doubt loaded with more congressional exemptions to the Insider Trading statutes, more abortion subsidies, and more enhanced multi-million dollar contracts for her husband, Feinstein’s husband, and Maxine’s husband.

The U.S. Senate spends all weekend negotiating a bipartisan deal. Agreement reached. Pelosi flies in from California, whips out her unrelated “wishlist,” and says no. Senate Democrats then vote against proceeding on a bill they negotiated. Jaw-dropping.

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The only reason Pelosi and company are introducing another bill is to continue to try and make a name for themselves. She has no interest in working with Republicans to establish what’s best for our country and the people who voted her in. It’s truly ashamed that politics has come to this in such a time of crisis!

You’ve got to hand it to Pelosi and the Democrats. They are a special kind of stupid. By playing politics and holding up the stimulus, all they’re doing is handing the Republicans a nice club to beat them over the head within November. Oh well, if they want to shoot their selves in the foot, who are we to deny them the opportunity?

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Democrats in the U.S. Senate on Sunday blocked legislation that would pump well over $1 trillion into the American economy on programs to help companies losing business during the coronavirus outbreak and unemployed workers.

The measure faltered after it failed to get the necessary 60 votes in the 100-member chamber to clear a procedural hurdle after days of negotiations.

The bill is Congress’ third effort to blunt the economic toll of a disease that has killed at least 400 people in the United States and sickened more than 33,000, leading governors to order nearly a third of the nation’s population to stay at home and putting much business activity on hold.

The measure envisages financial aid for regular Americans, small businesses and critically affected industries, including airlines.

Democrats had raised objections to the Senate bill throughout the day, with the Senate’s top Democrat, Chuck Schumer, saying it had “many, many problems” and would benefit corporate interests at the expense of hospitals, healthcare workers, cities and states. [Reuters]

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How about helping Senior Citizens before the airlines. There are millions of seniors whose only source of income is Social Security. No pensions, no dividend checks, no retirement accounts. Nothing except one monthly check. As such, by law, Social Security is not taxable. Seniors do not have to file taxes. Therefore, no stimulus money. Fix that problem before giving any corporation a dime.

Let’s just continue to play political football with the stimulus bill with one party trying to outdo the other. At the same time, people struggle if they do this long enough the virus will be gone, and they won’t have to vote on anything, vote them all out, both parties have become irrelevant to the people.

Remember, in November, which party wanted to get aid to individual Americans immediately and which party put its political agenda ahead of the welfare of the people.

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