[VIDEO] Trump Leaves Smug Media Dumbfounded at Today’s Presser by Saying 80% of them Should Leave the Room

[VIDEO] Trump Leaves Smug Media Dumbfounded at Today’s Presser by Saying 80% of them Should Leave the Room
He shoved the media's rhetoric right back in their face

Trump is taking the press’  oversensationalized coverage of COVID-19 and putting it through the shredder.

At today’s press conference, Trump hit back at a smug reporter who was trying to “school” him on Congress members getting coronavirus.

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The president said to the reporter that he was aware of the members getting the virus, but that the press should really practice what they preach as far as social distancing and sit further away from each other.

President Trump chided reporters for sitting too close to one another during a press conference at the White House on Thursday and joked that the majority of them should leave the room because he doesn’t like reporters.

“You’re actually sitting too close,” Trump said. “You should really — we should probably get rid of about another 75%-80% of you. I have just two or three of you that I like in this room. … We just figured a new way of doing it.”

Trump was referencing guidance from U.S. health officials, who have asked that the public practice social distancing amid a nationwide outbreak of the coronavirus.

Social distancing requires keeping at least a 6-foot distance between people and avoiding groups of more than 10, especially in public places. [Washington Examiner]

Watch the video:


Trump is absolutely savage.

Don’t you love how he shoves the media’s rhetoric right back in their face?

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